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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

Veronica stalks into Logan's place, where he is putting the last touches on his cuff links. Noting Veronica's jeans and generally casual attire, Logan breezes, "Hope the maître d' is fashion-forward." "Did you and Madison have sex over Winter Break?" Veronica demands. That's the way to go! Logan looks down. Veronica chokes, "I asked you point-blank--" "And I lied," Logan affirms, not proudly, "point-blank. It wasn't information you had a right to know. I knew you wouldn't be able to deal with the Madison thing." That was SO considerate of him! He's always thinking of Veronica's feelings! "Which 'thing' are you talking about?" Veronica wonders angrily, "The 'she roofied me' thing? Or the thing when I stumbled to my car in the morning wondering where my virginity was and she'd written 'SLUT' on my windshield -- was that what you thought I couldn’t deal with? I'm so genuinely sick right now, if I could eat anything I'd be throwing up all over your floor." Do it anyway! DO IT ANYWAY! Okay, how about a few dry heaves? Logan tries to pull the whole "we were on a break" thing but, dude, if it didn't work for squeaky-clean Ross and the girl from the copy shop, it sure as hell isn't going to work for your nasty ass and Madison. Veronica whirls around and sobs that Logan knows exactly how she feels about Madison: "There's no way that at some point when IT was happening that you weren't thinking about how much I hate you being with her." Logan pleads that "it wasn't like that." Veronica offers him one of many variations she has running on continuous loop in her head, and we get a blip of a few shots of them. Logan takes a step toward her and insists that he wasn't trying to hurt her. Veronica steps away from him and laughs mirthlessly: "Oh, really? Imagine if you tried." Logan begs to know what he can do. Veronica fixes him with a steady look of raw pain and half-pleads, half-orders, "Make it not true. Get it out of my head and never let me think about it again." Logan's mouth works silently. "'Cuz, unless you can do that, this is something I'm never getting past," Veronica concludes, and walks out. Veronica needs a session with the Haitian Sensation. Actually, no, then she would forget what a jackhole Logan is and be in danger of getting hurt by him once again. By the way, both actors rocked the hell out of that scene.

Couch Baron promised you all some previously held back tidbits from his latest interview with Rob Thomas, so here they are:

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