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The interesting thing in my mind is that Veronica and Logan have been broken up for six weeks when [Logan and Madison's hookup] happens. It's a fleeting thing one night when they're drunk in Aspen together. Veronica can't get past that. This gets into a whole debate we have in the writers' room. There is a contingent, of which [producer] Diane [Ruggiero] and I are a part who experience this overpowering sexual jealousy, the kind so nicely illustrated in Chasing Amy: "I can't get past what you did when we weren't together." It's something that I've struggled with in my life -- I'm interested in that phenomenon. There are others, like John Enbom, who don't really get it: "Why are you jealous of something that happened when you weren't in a committed relationship with someone?" Fair enough, that's a logical response, but emotions, for those of us who aren't Vulcan, aren't dictated by logic. I'm certainly not proud of my own jealousy, nor is Veronica proud of hers, though I find hers much more excusable. She's seen so much unfaithfulness. She does everything she can to protect her own heart. She hates being vulnerable. On a side note, I eventually got over mine. Not sure whether to ascribe it to years of therapy or finding the right person.

I'll be curious to hear fan reaction with regard to Logan. There are two diametrically opposed factors in play. Fans tend to react badly to people who do Veronica wrong, but they've been mostly quick to forgive Logan his many lapses in judgment, morality, etc. Where will this one land? Sleeping with Madison is certainly gross. But a guy getting drunk on vacation in the middle of a heartbreak? I can forgive Logan. I just don't know whether this particular audience will.

I'll tell you this the level of "bad behavior" I would accept from Logan today is smaller today that it was in Season 1 -- I would never have Logan organize a bumfight today. But sleep with a girl on vacation when he's heartbroken? I'm interested in testing that water.

Here's another thing that I think is so absolutely true-to-life that I think people may harp on -- I think the false relationship breakup/restart thing happens more often than it doesn't. I'm afraid that the audience will think I'm jerking them around, trying to have it both ways, which I'm absolutely not -- I'm trying to play the reality of relationships, and it's funny, because Logan and Veronica do have that moment of bliss when they get back together, where it's like, okay, we've realized how badly we need each other, but then this news drops, and Veronica can't process it. I wouldn't be able to process it. Or at least twenty-year-old Rob wouldn't be able to. Who am I kidding? Thirty-year-old Rob wouldn't handle it well, either.

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