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There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill

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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

Veronica visits Bonnie's dorm room and has a chat with her roommate, Phyllis, in which she learns that Bonnie harbors dreams of being the female Indiana Jones. I thought River Phoenix was the female Indiana Jones. Phyllis also tells Veronica that she and Bonnie have been friends since seventh grade, so she knew all about the pregnancy and the RU-486. On the topic of Tim, Phyllis announces that she hated the "arrogant little toad" from the moment she met him. However, Phyllis admits that Tim really stepped up with the whole pregnancy thing and explains, "He bought her What To Expect When You're Expecting; he got her, like, prenatal vitamins." Veronica leaps on this and says, "So, he was handing her pills? Could he --" Phyllis interrupts to insist that there's no way it was Tim, because he offered to marry Bonnie and was planning on talking to Bonnie's dad, "and you know how intimidating that would be." When Veronica mentions that Bonnie's family is "pretty religious," Phyllis switches on the TV to show Veronica just how religious "pretty religious" is. We are treated to an evangelist show from Capistrano Ministries. Phyllis says that "Papa Capistrano" is on all the time, and Veronica muses that Bonnie is a preacher's daughter.

Walking the dark halls of the university, Veronica VOs that Tim wouldn't have been able to get the RU-486 anywhere but online. Telling us that she plans on checking Tim's computer for clues, she rattles his office door handle and seems surprised that it's locked. Casting a look at the industrious janitor, and deciding that "there's nothing quite as satisfying as the hissyfit," Veronica goes into actress mode. She rattles the door loudly and violently, flings herself against it, and sobs that she hates the stupid thing. The mopping janitor pauses to watch this little display. Finally, Veronica slams her back against the door and slides dejectedly to a sitting position where she kicks and screams a bit more. Heh. As she dissolves into forced sobs, the janitor walks over to ask if she's okay. Veronica suddenly explains that it’s the "worst day ever" of her entire life. She was supposed to meet her brother at his office, but that he's not there, and not picking up his phone; worse than that, "he's not even [her] brother any more because [her] parents just told [her] that [she's] ADOPTED!" HAR! Whenever you want to go the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day route, "and I'm ADOPTED!" usually brings up trumps. The janitor looks up at the door and confirms that Veronica's banging on her brother's office. She is. Nice janitor pulls out his thick ring of keys and lets her in. Aw, sweet mopping man. Walking into the office, Veronica draws a sleeve across her snotting nose and thanks the janitor for being so helpful. Janitor makes an awesome "Jee-SUS!" face as he closes the door behind him.

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