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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

Sitting at Tim's computer, Veronica runs into a dead end when she discovers that his computer is password-protected. However, not one to be stymied for long, Veronica pulls some wires out of her bag and gets right back to work.

Lying in bed that night, Veronica frets over the images of Logan and Madison that keep flashing in her mind, noting, "If I have to see this one more time, I'm having my frontal lobe removed." She gets out of bed and pads into the kitchen, meeting Keith, who is just arriving home with a conundrum for her. Keith puts the Volvo/Mini-Van issue to Veronica and asks who's lying, Nish or the Widder Dean. Veronica doesn't know, shrugging, "Both of them?" "Your lack of opinion concerns me," Keith non-Darth Vaders. (I love that spell-check doesn't bat a red underlining eye at "Darth Vader.") Veronica tells her dad about her break-up with Logan, adding that it was her decision this time. She also admits that she's really not okay about it. Keith kisses her forehead, and she goes back to bed.

Veronica runs Tim to ground and babbles something about her online grade showing up as a "B" when they both knows she got an "A." Tim really doesn't want to deal with her, but she follows him into back to his office, insisting that she wasn't looking at someone else's grade. Tim wonders why she didn't print out a grade report to prove this alleged mistake. "I shouldn't have to -- I should have the grade I earned" is Veronica's response as she joins Tim on the other side of his desk. My professor husband would like me to note that Veronica is way out of line to be standing behind Tim's desk, and that my husband wouldn't stand for such tomfoolery in his office. Tim doesn't stand for such tomfoolery either as he says, "Veronica? My space, your space," and shows her that her space is on the OTHER side of the desk. Hey, was that a Farscape shout-out? Veronica sits down and pulls some electrical tape out of her jacket as Tim checks her grade and finds it to be an "A." Veronica quietly unwinds the tape and sniffs, "Huh, maybe I was looking at someone else's grade." She shrugs and leaves.

Sitting in her car, Veronica VOs that the only excuse she has for her present obsessive activity is that she has totally lost her mind. She looks over and sees Madison exiting a day spa with her presumably wet nails held in the air. Good luck driving, beeotch. Madison impatiently hands over her claim ticket to valet and prisses herself as the attendant runs off. Veronica is now wearing huge dark glasses and an army cap as she tails Madison home in time to watch her receive a new birthday Mercedes from her doting family. It's burgundy and old lady ugly. Veronica notes that after all this angst-filled spying, at least she's reminded to get Mac a present. Dude, why don't I get to recap Mac, dammit?! Two weeks and nothing! Speaking of nothing, where the hell is Wallace? Veronica focuses her camera and shoots a snap of Madison's new license plate: "GOTZMINE." Anyone who names their kid "Madison" has seen Splash one too many times. Veronica, who had been having a back in forth in her head between Crazy Veronica and Sane Veronica, decides that the license plate is the last straw, and tells Crazy Veronica to show Madison no mercy.

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