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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

Veronica's next stop is to check in on Bonnie's preachy father before she heads off to the women's clinic listed on Tim's computer. Arriving at Capistrano Ministries, Veronica passes a car with a license plate -- what's with all the vanity plates this ep? -- that reads "GODZLUVV." Straight from the Bible, yo. Okay, and the plate is framed by blingalicious gold chain. Wouldn't a crown of thorns be more appropriate? Veronica cites the license plate as the reason why she doesn't trust televangelists. I'd cite last week's Supernatural as another reason not to. Inside a green warehouse that's been painted with Jesus holding his staff and his lambs of God, Veronica takes in all the Jesusphenalia. A smarmy dude comes up and asks Veronica what she wants. Veronica affects shyness, and chokes out that it's "kinda personal." "Well, if you're here to see if your skirt is long enough, the answer is no!" Smarm notes, looking at her legs before immediately laughing and calling himself an old fogey. He's an old something. Smarm starts to say that Veronica caught them at a bad time, but is interrupted by the Reverend Capistrano himself asking "Thurman" what's up. Smarm Thurman gestures at Veronica, who quickly introduces herself as "Hester" and tells "Rev. Ted" that she was hoping he could help her.

Not at all smarmy, Rev. Ted talks to Veronica Prynne in his office. She tells him that she's pregnant and doesn't know what to do. Rev. Ted muses that she can't think he'd have any opinion other than that she should keep the baby. Veronica stumblingly says that her parents will disown her. All this is to get Rev. Ted to talk about his daughter, her pregnancy, and how his daughter lost the baby. Rev. Ted is very trembly and sad, so Veronica reaches across a Bible and squeezes his hand.

At the clinic, Veronica has explained the RU-486 slippage to a doctor, and that this clinic is the only place the drug is locally available. Since the slipper could have been one of the potential fathers, Veronica wonders if a guy could ever come in and get the drug for his wife or girlfriend. The doctor immediately rules this out, saying that the only way RU-486 can be administered is for the woman in question to take the drug in the office. No exceptions. Veronica wonders if it's possible for someone to hide it under her tongue or palm it to get it out of the office. The doctor shrugs that anything is possible, but that she really can't tell Veronica about any patients who came into the clinic to take the drug within a certain timeframe. And here is the place to point out that clinics are not supposed to administer RU-486 without a ultrasound and pregnancy test. Furthermore, RU-486 isn't just a single pill -- it's a course of several. The research on this should have been better.

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