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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

Veronica leaves the clinic and answers a call from Anthony, the earwitness. "I am ABSOLUTELY a good time!" she confirms. This she says loudly as she passes through the gates of the women's clinic. Hee.

In Anthony's dorm room, Veronica questions him about what he heard the night the Dean died, and wonders why he didn't report it. Anthony didn't think there was much to report until he saw the news of the Dean's death the next day. Also, he adds, he didn't need "another alcohol infraction" on his record. Couldn't he have left the drunk part out if he was just reporting a sound he heard? Veronica wonders how Tim found out if Anthony has never met him. Well, Anthony blabbed to his friends about what he heard, and it clearly got back to Tim. Veronica learns exactly nothing more from Anthony and prepares to leave, adding, "If you think of anything..." Anthony, desperate to keep Veronica there, jumps up and remembers something: that night he turned on Space Ghost, giggling, "Terry Jones was the guest. They went on about Spam."

Veronica leaves Anthony's dorm thinking, "According to the website, they rerun Space Ghost at 2:30; it probably takes ten minutes to stumble from the administration building back to the dorm." Veronica's thoughts are arrested by the back of a chick's head. The hair looks like Madison's wig. Veronica has Madi-flashes until she gets a look at the chick's face and sees that it's not her. I know Madison wouldn't have much reason to be on the Hearst campus when she's supposed to be up in Pasadena at USC, but when you're obsessed with someone, you do start seeing her everywhere.

Veronica tracks down Weevil and asks if he still has his golden touch with stealing cars and having them crushed. Weevil makes musing noises and jokes, "What happened, did you break up with Logan?" Veronica's smile and eyes drop as she fingers her necklace. Weevil glances at her hard and nods, "Good for you. I'd be happy to have Logan's car crushed." Ah, but that's not the target; the target is a grandma Mercedes with an obnoxious license plate. Veronica hands over the address and tells him the license plate. Weevil is surprised that the car hasn't been already crushed for the license plate alone; when he finds out that it's Madison's car, he remembers how Madison lost a hubcap in high school and told the principal Weevil stole it for drug money. Just as Weevil is confirming, "So you want her car cubed," a bespectacled chick comes by to thank Weevil enthusiastically for fixing the thermostat. "Oh, you're welcome," says Weevil with a surprisingly fake smile, "And the next time I need some literature compared, I know you'll be there for me." He gives her a little wave. Is he being sarcastic here? If so, the bespectacled girl doesn't get it as she smiles happily and says, "Okay!" Weevil wonders if Madison's car has anything to do with Logan. "Did I come her for therapy or to get a car stolen and cubed?" Veronica wonders. Weevil looks over the piece of paper and snits, "GOTZMINE, huh?" Oh, his squeaky little voice was hysterical there. Weevil admits that he has been wondering if he still has the touch. He adds that it's going to cost Veronica five hundred big ones. Veronica's jaw drops as Weevil notes, "That is the going rate, right?"

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