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So poor Veronica is left with an itchy trigger finger. Mamamira puts an arm around her husband as says how proud she is of him. "Your words were so inspirational," she says. Well, they inspired this C+ episode rating, I'll say that. She then asks if all this talk of allowing everyone their fair shot extends to their daughter. "I guess I should meet the boy," Papamira admits. You really should, Papamira, he's totally cute. And what of Nasir? Papamira says Nasir didn't break any laws, "and I support his right to free speech." Really. He really said this. Does he have a speechwriter? Is he running for President? WHO TALKS LIKE THIS?? [Rob Lowe, as you well know, but he can get away with it. -- Couch Baron] "But that doesn't mean," he continues, "that I have to support him or shelter him." Got all that? Have you organized these bullet points into a handy list available for your next bloodless debate about tolerance during a time of war? Papamira says the cartoon "pissed [him] off" and was "un-American." I'd quibble about it being "anti-American" rather than "un-American" but whatever. Twenty more seconds and this plotline gets sent on a slow boat to China. Speeeeeaking of which, the next thing we see is the INS storming the Babylon Gardens kitchen and hauling Nasir off for working on an expired visa. A few things before I wipe my mind clean: 1) Papamira's willing to turn the other cheek to Derrick's vandalism but not Nasir's anti-Americanism? If we're not saying that Nasir was involved in actual terrorist activity -- and we're pretty clearly not -- then neither action seems more forgivable than the other, if you ask me. 2) Yes, the people who illegally employed Nasir would probably be subject to some stiff penalties as well, but I can buy a fanwank that says the Krimanis got leniency for blowing him in themselves. And 3) Is that really a traditional Muslim head covering Nasir is wearing or...could that be a tuque? Because, call me crazy, but I think I see a jaunty little ball of fabric on top there. Considering htat this leaves us with a good ten minutes of show, I can probably say that was the biggest time-filler A-plot we've ever seen on this show. And I take absolutely no pleasure in this, because I generally feel this show is great. Why, Veronica Mars, why??

Anyway, on to the good wait, first we have to see Veronica show remorse to her dad for providing her friends with fake IDs. Ready? Veronica shows remorse to her dad for providing her friends with fake IDs. Also, Keith tells her that Wallace and Piz called and said they'd meet her at the party rather than arrive with her. [A party at which he obviously doesn't suspect there will be ANY underage drinking, I'm sure. -- Couch Baron] Yeah, that'll happen when the only thing you have to offer your wingmen is the chance to observe you act shifty and miserable every time Logan looks towards your side of the room.

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