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The Less You Know

As Veronica gets in the elevator at the Neptune Grand, VMVO begins to list the things she'd rather do than attend this party on her own. VMVO only gets to "seven minutes in heaven with Scott Peterson" before Dick boards the elevator with her. This very situation being second on her list, I think we can give Veronica credit for not breaking down or hitting something. Dick insincerely (I know!) gives her props for showing up at all. "I thought something like this might be, you know, unbelievably awkward," he says. "Your fly's open," she says. This comment would normally let the air out of even the most confident of sails, but not our Dick. "I know," he says, puffing up. "Party ritual." Veronica closes her eyes and begs for the strength to drink enough tonight to erase that thought from her mind. Which is probably why, when Dick offers her a pull from his flask (not a metaphor), Veronica accepts and takes a big ol' swig. Dick drank first, so that probably eases thoughts of another GHB-fueled adventure, but Veronica wipes the spout clean in any case. Dick wonders if this could be the beginning of some sort of friendship, which only causes Veronica to chug harder.

Mac's already at the party, and when she sees Veronica arrive, they rush to each other like they're ports in a storm. Mac's "WTF" face is because she thought for a moment that Veronica was trying to get back at Logan by showing up with Dick. "Nothing says 'I'm over you' like dating down," says Veronica before her eagle eyes spot an opening on the couch. Ah, (pent)house parties. Veronica says that the couch is their foxhole tonight, and they must defend it zealously. Yeah, that's how you get cornered by the Dick Casablancases of the world, sweetie. Stick and move, that's how you negotiate the house party. Stick and move. Lucky for Veronica, it's not Dick who shows up to say hello, but rather it's Max. Hi, Max! I like him anyway, but after last night's Sabres game, I'm rather partial to guys named Max, so now I like him double. Veronica's aloof for half a second before she pulls it together and introduces Max to Mac and vice versa. She offers Max her spot on the couch, instructs him to defend it, and heads off to harangue Wallace and Piz.

"You were supposed to be my wingmen," Veronica accuses, only half-kidding. "What mission could be more important than that?" On cue, Miranda shows up with drinks. Have Wallace and Piz learned nothing about the perils of underage drinking? What if one of them walks off the ledge of the balcony tonight? As to Veronica's "what mission could be more important" question, she answers it herself, while taking a peek at Miranda's jugs: "Right...Battle Of The Bulge." Hee.

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