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Tipsy McUndergrad's. Keith, sporting his most accusatory tone, is telling the bartender that our friend, the drunken piece of roadkill, is never going to walk again. How ironic, then, that the last walking he ever did was performed so ineptly. Keith demands to know how a nineteen-year-old kid was able to get a drink here. Barkeep says the kid's ID said he was twenty-one. Keith's like, "Yeah, it also said he was 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, blonde, and answered to the name 'This older kid I know.'" Barkeep gives the shrugged shoulders of "What can you do?" but Keith doesn't look like he's about to let this one slide. Oh, goody. I was hoping to learn a lesson about the perils of underage drinking this week.

Back at Babylon Gardens, Amira's parents -- with Amira following brattily behind -- storm out the front door. Well, really, it's just Papamira who's doing the storming. He tells Veronica she can go now, that it was a mistake for his wife to hire her, and that he can take care of this situation himself. Mamamira's all, "By falling asleep in your car every night when you already work all day? It's too much for you." Papamira says that the fact that Veronica is the sheriff's daughter could cause problems for "Nasir," and that it's no job for a girl anyway. Mamamira's pretty lippy for a woman who should know when to shut up, and she continues to protest. She's interrupted by a 4x4 full of whooping kids blasting some cheap knockoff of "Ride of the Valkyries" on the car stereo. They drive by and pelt Veronica and the Family Amira with paintballs. The first one we see hit Papamira is a red paintball which, combined with the laser sight, gives the impression of him really getting shot...if you're kind of stupid and can't differentiate the sound of real guns firing versus the sound of paintball guns firing. Veronica pulls off an ultra-cheesy dive to the pavement before she's struck by a pea-soup-colored pellet. The 4x4 speeds away -- with the boys inside making what does sound like racist "LALALALA!!!" noises -- and Veronica's "Oh they did NOT just pull that shit" face doesn't give me much hope for these douchebags' futures.

Credits. Still annoying. Much as I love the Dandies, they really should have just ditched the song entirely and gotten a new one.

Back inside Babylon Gardens, Amira is mourning the loss of her cashmere sweater, while her dad is raging about how he's been in this country for twenty years and is as American as anyone. Veronica says that she spotted a bumper sticker on the truck, so that's at least a start. Amira snots that unless it was a "Hi, My Name Is ___" bumper sticker, how is that going to help? Veronica says the owner of the truck has a child who's an honor student at Neptune Middle. The "suck on that, bitchface" is all in Veronica's wordless visage. She asks Papamira if he wants her to track these punks down or not. Papamira silently assents. His proud and frustrated façade reveals deep reservoirs of hating to admit his wife may have had a point.

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