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The Less You Know

Veronica's at home checking out the security cam footage. It's uneventful except for a college kid in a sweatshirt skulking around the entrance. He's not spray-painting anything; he's just peering into the windows and acting shady. Veronica reads the sweatshirt, which has a number 11 on the back, like it's a sports jersey, and which says "Sneed Batmen" on the front. Cut to the Hearst dining hall where Veronica is having lunch with Mac (hi, Mac!). Veronica's asking her if "Sneed Batmen" rings any bells, but Mac's looking like someone rung her bell recently. She apologizes for spacing out and says she and Bronson went on a hike this morning. Veronica's incredulous that Mac would allow the concepts of "hiking" and "morning" to take root in her life, and Mac's all, "I wanted to see what it was like!" Veronica says things with Mac and Bronson seems to be good. "Any better and he'd have you jump through fiery hoops." Mac shoots a delicious "shut up" squint Veronica's way, but Veronica probably has a point. I mean, did I mention how Mac's wearing flannel? She was not meant for a life this granola.

Mac then spots Logan and Parker giggling up by the food line, and Mac asks if they can give Logan and Parker their table. Veronica's all fake smiles and visible panic, and Mac cheerfully waves them over. Mac makes sardonic small-talk with Logan about their days at Neptune together, and he deadpans right back about not having any memory of her whatsoever. They banter back and forth, Mac managing to reference Heathers, I Know What You Did Last Summer and She's All That in under thirty seconds, until Parker begs them to stop. Jealous? Because...I would be. When did Mac and Logan get such great chemistry? Veronica and her fake smile of smiley fakeness say that she and Mac have to split, but Parker manages to squeeze in yet another invite to her party. Veronica insincerely says she's all about it. As she and Mac make their retreat, Veronica remarks that Mac and Logan seem awfully chummy. Mac says she was never a fan of old, "surly" Logan, but since he's "been around so much" (i.e., since he's been with Parker), she's seen a sweet side. "That was probably the side you saw all the time." Veronica's raised eyebrow tells us that maybe Logan's improved attitude might have something to do with his new girlfriend. Clearly, this angst deficiency is unacceptable and all Parker's fault. Bring back old Logan! The one who got drunk all the time and set poor people's swimming pools on fire!

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