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Mars Investigations. Veronica enters and grabs the ringing phone. She listens to what the caller has to say, and then hangs up and inquisitively informs Keith that he's going to be receiving a credit-card statement of Cook's. Keith looks up, and Veronica asks, "So...are we working for accused mass murderers now?" I'd point out Veronica's numerous examples of shoddy professional ethics in the past, but her flat tone of voice suggests that she always knew this day would come. Just as well -- it's not like I get paid by the hyperlink, although you wouldn't know it with this show. Keith jauntily says that it's possible his judgment is clouded, but that he's got a gut feeling. Veronica notes that if Cook is, in fact, guilty, she's off the hook: "Everyone didn't die because of me." Yeah, I've only been saying that for about ten episodes now. Keith suggests that Veronica focus on the idea that Keith's doing a favor for her friend's dad. It's nice that he's trying to make her feel better, but considering her friends' dads include a former heroin addict, a man who was indirectly responsible for Keith's being forced out as sheriff, and a guy who tried to kill Veronica, maybe he should just cut to the chase and buy her a pony. Veronica wryly says that she and Jackie aren't exactly "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants." Hee. She adds that Jackie isn't exactly huggable. Keith: "Whereas you warm right up to people?" Heh, and aw. They make goofy faces at each other, and Veronica tells Keith that she wants to help: "And your gut is good enough for me." She adds that she needs to feel like she's doing something right now, and I'm sure the gay kids really appreciate all the time and effort she's not putting into their case. Keith asks her to make a couple of calls, and she agrees.

Sometime later, Veronica's on the phone when Cook enters. She tells him to go on in to Keith's office. We see Veronica get connected and introduce herself, but then we cut to Keith as he tells Cook that he's still trying to figure out where Cook was at the time of the crash. He also exposits that Cook has a brother, should it prove to be important. Veronica enters, having finished her call, and establishes that Cook visited a "Hank Melton" at "Mint Condition Car Detailing." Cook says that Hank works on his car "whenever...," and such uncomfortable silences certainly speak well for the Mars family's new level of clientele. Keith excuses Veronica, and when she's safely out of earshot all of eight feet away, Cook says that he always goes to Mint Condition on his way to the "Seven Rivers Casino." Keith says that's great news: casinos are the most photographed places on earth. The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World murmur haughtily to each other. Cook thinks he's not off the hook yet: a "Leonard Lobo" runs the Indian casino, and Cook owes the place millions of dollars. So Cook really didn't learn his lesson from having to throw that game. Man. Cook says that the Fitzpatricks who visited his house were delivering a message for Lobo that his payments were overdue. Keith just nods weirdly, so I guess he's over being emotional about the tarnishing of his hero's image. Then again, he is sober this time.

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