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What Are You Doing With That Pepperoni?

Anyway, Dick takes off, and Veronica sulks for a moment before noticing Carmen from "M.A.D." Aw -- my favorite episode. Veronica approaches her and asks if she's heard from "our favorite videographer" lately. Carmen says that Tad called at Christmas and tried to apologize: "Like people even remember my scandal anymore. Pleasuring inanimate objects was so 2005." If that's true, it's a real miracle that Jessica Simpson isn't pregnant. Veronica asks Carmen if she knows why the mugger would have used her address, and she says no. Veronica says that three of the deliveries were to her, the hot girl Corny was drooling over, and a third student, who all live close to each other. Carmen says that all three of them are also "coconuts," a term referring to Latin(o/a)s who date white people, get good grades, etc. -- like "Oreos" or "Twinkies," but brown. Veronica sympathizes, and Carmen good-naturedly says that Veronica didn't make the rules. Veronica asks Carmen if she could make a list of all the people at Neptune who get made fun of for being a coconut. Before we get out of this scene, I should add that the third student Veronica mentioned was a "John Ramos." Given that that's my real name, I'm guessing coconuts also get shout-outs from white people. Also, awesome. Thanks, Phil (and everyone else, non-whites included).

Parking lot. Veronica catches Kelly at his car and purees his story about the rims, noting that he would have had to be unconscious for ages for someone to get all of them off the car before he woke up. Kelly takes off in a huff as Veronica watches appraisingly. Better drive like an arrow, Kelly -- you don't want to clue her in.

Ding dong! Hannah opens her door to find Logan. She's not nearly as pissed off with him as she should be, and he feeds Hannah some bullshit about his "innate ability to compartmentalize." He's also got an innate ability to be a raging dickhead, as well as an innate ability to act queenier than Liberace, but emphasizing those traits might have resulted in the slamming of the door and possibly the release of the hounds. Instead, Hannah stares neutrally, so Logan boo-hoos that his first girlfriend was murdered, and his last one nearly got shot in a PCHer drive-by. He tells Hannah that he's trying to protect her, and she, feigning indecision, lets him in, as if this wasn't a foregone conclusion from the moment she saw his fugly Xterra from her bedroom window.

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