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What Are You Doing With That Pepperoni?

Later, Logan feeds Hannah popcorn on the couch as a movie plays. He asks why her parents split up, and she says that, officially, they grew apart, but that she knows it was really about money. Dr. Griffith comes downstairs, and Hannah introduces Logan. Griffith pauses for an eternity before saying hello, and then going back up the stairs. Hannah: "Sorry. That's about the most you'll get out of dad." Oh, so he's gagging on his own bile pretty much all the time?

Later, Logan comes out of the second-floor bathroom to find Griffith waiting for him. Griffith asks what he's doing with Hannah. Logan: "You want the complete play-by-play?" I doubt it goes much beyond kissing and rubbing noses like Eskimos. But the answer is still: GOD, no. Griffith attempts some bravado that rings about as true as Kylie's dykedom, but it's from good acting, not bad. Logan tells him that if he wants Logan to stay away from Hannah, he'll rethink his testimony about Logan on the bridge. Griffith threatens to tell Hannah Logan's game, but when Logan suggests that he go ahead and do just that -- and, while he's at it, explain to Hannah why he never told her about being the mystery witness in Logan's case -- he backs off, begging Logan not to do this. Logan evilly says that he doesn't want to keep Hannah waiting, and flutters his eyebrows a few times for effect. He goes downstairs as Griffith stares and wonders how far this kid will really take this. Well, as Logan himself told none other than Liam Fitzpatrick, he's had a very bad year.

Casino. A broad-shouldered, besuited Native American guy, presumably Lobo, pedeconferences with Keith, saying that he doesn't think Cook can afford to get further in debt to him. Keith tells Lobo that if Cook goes to jail, he won't be able to pay Lobo any of the money he owes. Lobo sees the logic in that, and sends an underling to check the tapes. Given the setting, Keith, I'd say that this calls for a "Well played, Mr. Mars. Well played." Lobo gives Keith a couple of chips with which to entertain himself while he waits. Careful, Keith -- Veronica should have one parent who lacks a debilitating addiction. Rogaine doesn't count.

Outside her house, Logan and Hannah exchange a long kiss of the "Slap her, she's..." variety, and then Logan bids her adieu until the next day. He zooms off, and then Griffith appears and says he needs to talk to Hannah. I suggest the strategy of forbidding her to date anyone who drives that hideous car. I mean, I know she likes Logan, but she's got to see reason, right?

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