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VMVO tells us that Ben must have set Norris up, and she needs to prove it. She looks at photos she took of Ben, and sees that Ben had "Gro-Time Fertilizer," which gives her pause…

…and the next day, in the journalism room, she calls Bad Hair Guy, whose name is Pete, and accuses him of setting Norris up. He used Norris's WiFi network, accessible to him because he lived so close to Norris, to create false internet traffic. He also created the "" site and called in the bomb threats to the school, and lied about Ben and Norris killing stray cats, all because Norris bullied him when they were younger. Once he held Pete down and let a tarantula crawl over his face, and another time he took his lunch money. Um. I think I'd give up a good lunch not to have to look too closely at a tarantula, so I can't believe those two incidents are supposed to be on a par with each other. However, Pete clarifies that Norris took his lunch money every day for two years, and when Pete told his dad about it, his advice was to hit him. Pete did, and Norris put him in the hospital, at which point his dad said he wished he'd had a son. Wow. Given that Pete is sitting in creepy blood-red light, and we're about at countdown zero, I'm not too sanguine about the fate of dear old Dad. Pete hangs up, and Veronica's left once again to long for those days where the background was blue, and morality was black and white. But only for a second, as Meg appears in the doorway and calls her out into the hall to tell her that Duncan has gone missing. Apparently he withdrew ten grand in cash the day before, and Meg tearfully wonders why he would have done that. Perhaps he saw the dailies from the earlier scene with Veronica and felt an emergency trip to acting school was in order.

Veronica is explaining to Joey that Ben did indeed set Norris up, as the rifle and fertilizer were the same. It's weird -- I thought she already knew that, but her reaction to the picture seemed so intense, I thought that's how she concluded that that wasn't the case. Huh. I think I'm tired. Joey thinks they should print the story, but Veronica, ostensibly concerned for Joey's job, says she could just take it to the local paper instead. Joey: "What fun would that be?" Aw. Veronica smiles.

Wallace catches Veronica at her locker and congratulates her on the story, although he's concerned that the mention of Norris's records might expose his involvement. Hmm, interesting that they threw that in. I wonder if that could be a future plot point. Also, random observation: I don't think they used the Mars Investigations set at all this week. Veronica enters journalism class to see Logan, who gives her a quizzical look, undoubtedly wondering what she's thinking. And VMVO has been uncharacteristically silent on the subject. Personally, if I'm going to have to listen to "I'm going to the lumberyard"-type VOs, I wouldn't mind hearing something about how you feel about KISSING YOUR MORTAL ENEMY WHO WAS ALSO YOUR BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND WHILE YOU'RE DATING SOMEBODY ELSE. But I don't feel strongly about it or anything. Joey announces that because of their story, Norris is being released, with the charges dropped. She doesn't say anything about Ben's fate, but I'm thinking he's got some 'splainin' to do to whomever's in charge over at Jump Street. Maybe he'll be the youngest agent ever to be busted down to junior high. Joey adds that it's her last day teaching at Neptune. Hey, always leave them wanting more. She asks them to work independently, as their sub will arrive shortly. We follow her into the hall, and she smiles as she hears Veronica using Joey's language to get the class working. Aw. I kind of liked Joey in the end! Now let us never speak of her again.

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