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Back in the present, Veronica goes over to Ben and Norris's table and says she's doing a poll for the Navigator. Basically, the two guys are supposed to add up to Christian Slater, and I guess in total acting ability, they…don't. Veronica, on the other hand, is supposed to be Winona Ryder, but since her character in Heathers was actually named Veronica, it does seem a propos. Just stay away from car cigarette lighters, hon. Ben and Norris look way too pleased with their pretentious death references, and with each other. Oh, I see. They're the Curt and Ram. The props department just forgot the bottled water.

Inside, Wallace runs into Veronica and tells her she could have sat with him. Veronica says she thought he was making a point, which he denies, and then tells her that there's no school file on Ben, but hands over Norris's permanent record. Boy, Pavlov knew what he was talking about. Veronica notes that Norris hasn't had any problems since middle school, but Wallace says maybe he's trying to keep his record clean so he can pull off something big. Veronica tells Wallace that he's her best friend, and Wallace counters by saying he's glad Veronica found Lianne and got her some help. Aw. A hug seems like it would be appropriate here, but maybe they figure there's already enough physical contact between their two families at the moment.

Journalism room. Veronica enters to find Duncan creepily sitting in the darkened classroom. Mood lighting, I guess. He notes her presence, but says nothing. Veronica: "That was either a really poor warm welcome or an excellent cold shoulder." And you'd think after the last year she'd be an expert at the lower region of the thermometer. Duncan bites out that Logan told him about the murder investigation files, and asks if there's one on him. Veronica tells him there's a file on everyone connected with Lilly. Duncan asks what his file says, and turns to face her. Veronica steels herself and tells him it contains information on his epilepsy and medication, and says he has violent outbursts. Perhaps telling him this in an empty classroom isn't the best move, but maybe she's got her taser at the ready underneath that jacket. Duncan asks who she thinks she is, and starts to storm out, but Veronica calls out that she's Lilly's best friend. Duncan points out that Lilly is dead and her confessed killer is in jail, but Veronica yells that he was paid to confess. Duncan thinks that's crazy. "Who would pay…?" And we'll just wait for Mr. Triton Scholarship Richie Rich Kid to catch up to the rest of the class. Duncan still thinks it's crazy that she suspects his parents of doing anything wrong, and starts to leave again, but Veronica asks him if he remembers what happened the day of the murder. Duncan stops, and softly notes that Veronica thinks he killed Lilly. His voice rises as he approaches her and asks how she could think that, and she tells him to calm down. Duncan yells, "Why? You think I'm gonna have another episode and kill you too?" And you can just take a screencap of Veronica's face for the next time you want to know what "Well, now that you mention it…" looks like. Duncan makes a series of weird faces that are meant to convey chagrin at his outburst, but only end up making him look like he's going to throw up. Which, considering the speed at which he runs away, is certainly a possible eventuality. Aw, poor Teddy Dunn. He tried.

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