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Weapons Of Class Destruction

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Go Home, You're Not An Improvement

Outside, Veronica looks upset. She sees Ben and Norris having a spat, and then Ben takes off. VMVO wonders whether she should wallow in her grief over betraying Duncan, or keep an eye on the kid who might blow up the school. Deciding that she can handle both, Veronica sees Ben get into his car, and tails him to…

…the Camelot Motel, where Jake Kane ostensibly met Lianne in the pilot. And here you thought this mission would be the distraction from your emotional turmoil. Veronica snaps some photos of Ben. Cut to somewhere else, where Veronica sees Ben load several bags of what looks like fertilizer into his car. Oh, I forgot to mention: Nice station wagon, Death Guy. Veronica also sees that Ben is in possession of an automatic weapon that would give anyone with an NRA card a hard-on. Of course, given certain compensating feelings carrying a gun affords, it might be difficult to tell. Veronica's phone rings, and she smiles when she sees the caller ID. It's Logan, calling to tell her that he told Duncan about the files. If that's what Duncan was upset about "all day," as what Meg said indicates, it seems weird that Logan is only telling Veronica this now. I think perhaps he wanted to make Duncan angry with Veronica to ensure the two of them would stay away from each other. It's what the psychotic jackass in him would do, anyway. Veronica asks Logan if he's talked to Duncan since school let out, but is interrupted by an armed Ben opening the passenger door, getting in, and telling her they're going for a ride. That was a good, creepy moment, only slightly marred by the fact that Veronica has learned a few tricks over the past year, and thus should know to LOCK HER FREAKING DOORS. Anyway, Logan hears all this, and it doesn't look like Veronica hangs up the call, either, so now it's Ben's turn for the "NICE JOB." Ben tells Veronica to return to where she first followed him to, and Veronica takes care to explicitly say the Camelot's name. Ben then tells her to be quiet, as he needs to think for a minute. It's a good thing they're in a car, so it won't be so obvious where the gear-grinding noises are coming from.

At the Camelot, Ben leads Veronica up the stairs. He tells her a lot of people might die because of her. Perhaps he could have realized that he didn't need to be looking at her to deliver that line, as Logan comes out of nowhere and knocks him down. He slugs Ben a couple of times in the face for good measure, apparently as little of a Home Improvement fan as I was. Veronica stops Logan, saying that Ben is a Federal agent. Well, speaking of Federal agents, it's too bad Dana Scully isn't around, because the eyebrow-raise with which she'd greet that news would be absolutely delectable.

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