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Inside, Veronica gets a wet towel for Ben's face as Logan works the kinks out of his punching hand. Ben asks if Logan could go outside, as he wants to talk to Veronica. Logan: "Dream on, Jump Street." Hee. I smell another charity auction coming up. I'm bidding on Sars. Veronica, however, prevails on Logan to wait outside. Ben tells Veronica that part of his job at the "ATF" is to monitor internet traffic. Um…can you excuse me a moment? Okay, I'm back. Ben says that Norris kept a "troubling" website, and he sent a lot of emails to other students containing "red-flag words." Veronica realizes that the countdown clock must show when Norris is planning his attack, but wonders why Ben has been playing nicey-nicey with Norris instead of bringing him in, and mentions the cat story, which Ben denies being a part of. Speaking of red flags, that's a pretty clear one that the object of Mac's flirtation might have some serious problems other than his hair. Ben goes on that he's got more arrests than any ATF officer his age, ever. "Failure is not an option." I wonder if JTT's agent can keep a straight face when he says that. It must take a lot of practice. Ben says in order to have anything on Norris, he needs to catch him with banned weapons, or he needs a list of the people with whom he's been corresponding. Moreover, he needs Veronica's help, as he "pushed him too hard." You have to be gentle that first time, kid. …What? Ben says he's been to Norris's house, but he hasn't been in his bedroom (yeah, right) or the garage. Veronica wonders how she's supposed to get access, but Ben informs her that Norris likes her likes her. Also, he loves talking about his "ancient weapon collection." Veronica stares blankly. I second that non-emotion.

Veronica emerges from the room, and Logan asks if she's okay. She nods, and then pecks him on the lips. She eventually makes like she can't believe she did that, and starts to go, but she waited waaaay too long, so it's no surprise when Logan pulls her back for a passionate kiss. And look, I still don't know enough about them to know whether this is truly believable. Were they attracted to each other in the past? Who knows? The actors have undeniable chemistry together, so I can certainly live with it -- for the moment, anyway. Veronica goes down to her car, leaving Logan on the balcony, but she pauses for a last lingering look at him. And all I can say is it's probably good that Amanda Seyfried wasn't in this episode, because I can't even imagine what Veronica would have said if she found Dead Lilly staring at her from the passenger seat as we headed into the last commercial break.

Chez Norris. Veronica, apparently having told the guy she needs help with a case involving stolen weapons, thanks Norris for aiding her. He tells her it's no problem as he unlocks a padlock on his bedroom. He explains, "My parents are a little nosy," and then mentally congratulates himself for remembering to say "are" instead of "were." Inside his bedroom, there are swords, knives, and pictures of Bruce Lee. Veronica: "You must feel really safe at night, when the dragons come." Hee. Veronica produces the pictures, and then takes a look at the weapons. She notes that one of them is very "Braveheart," and Norris practically wets himself in glee as he tells her that it's an actual replica of William Wallace's sword. While he's doing his research, Veronica asks if he's on wireless, and he tells her that since his dad's a programmer at Kane Software, they get a lot of technology early (not that it's rare now, obviously). "We were one of the first households in the country to have WiFi." So now we know how poor, disenfranchised Norris funds his taste in expensive weaponry. Also, between the fact that he's been interested in Veronica for a while and the whole Kane Software connection, I'd be surprised if we've seen the last of this young, socially awkward, possibly anally violated kid. Norris tells Veronica that he has a replica of the weapon she's looking for, but it might have fallen behind his bookshelf. She goes to look for it, but does some snooping, and finds a copy of "Taut Blonde" magazine. Subscription: $49.95. Veronica's facial expression upon finding it: Priceless. Norris tells her he'll find the replica, and Veronica, desperate to keep the Columbine-in-waiting encounter going, picks up a throwing star. Norris tells her that he's got a target in the garage if she wants to try throwing it. And if he gets fresh, she'll be armed!

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