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Back at Moderator's Worst Nightmare, Piz is telling Logan that he had friends who would drive down to Sunnyside (an Oregon town) to surf, but that Piz had to work some crappy jobs in the summer, so he didn't go with them. He sounds to me like he's trying to tell Logan how cool surfing seems to him, but Logan goes the other way, saying the fact that Piz has worked makes him "salt-of-the-earth," while Logan's own life is frivolous. And while Piz denies that, honestly? I've heard worse theories. I mean, it's not hard to see that Logan is so defensive because he believes that to some degree. The Veronica factor is obviously exacerbating the situation to the nth degree, but this is one of Logan's core issues with his family, I think. The situation deteriorates (although it doesn't get nearly as ugly as it could), and then Veronica sees that Wallace has the plane working, which is all the excuse she needs to pull Piz out of there.

Later, in the library, Veronica has IDed all the people in the photo, and has discovered, as VMVO tells us, that one of them is from Marietta, and what's more, his dad is an executive at the company that makes the "Magneta-Corp" machine. Just as VMVO finishes up, the guy, "Patrick," shows up with Sink Girl, and tells Veronica that there are some people he wants her to meet.

We then cut to Patrick and Sink Girl leading Veronica into a study room, wherein all the other people in the photo are assembled, including the guy who picked Weevil out of the lineup and a sick-looking Leon. They all sit, and Patrick motions for Veronica to do the same. Better do what he says, Veronica -- after all, Honus Wagner is worthy of respect.

5. "Yeah. As a matter of fact, it is." Despite some forum outrage that we didn't get to find out Veronica's parentage here, this was one of the pivotal moments in the Keith/Veronica relationship. What stronger way is there for a daughter to express unconditional love for her father than saying, "I don't care if we share the same blood. You're my dad."

Veronica cracks wise about the "Injustice League," and makes a call, presumably to her dad. Patrick tells her to hang up, because they want her to be one of them. Veronica: "Is this where you turn me into a vampire?" Three seasons of Buffy recaps, and I have no idea what joke to make about that one. She does hang up, though, and Patrick offers her an ID that will mean she won't have to pay for food, textbooks -- stuff that could actually make quite a difference to someone in Veronica's shoes. Veronica thinks he's lying, because the machine was taken into custody, but Sink Girl says there's another one, and Leon the Vampire pipes up that he's already programmed it. Hey, I just realized it's daytime! No wonder Leon looked so ill. Patrick says the only reason they got caught is that they used stupid aliases, and it's nice that the Dean's List students FINALLY FIGURED THAT OUT. They appeal to Veronica's poverty, saying that it must be hard to pay for all that stuff, and Veronica concedes that it is. "Which is why a bunch of kids who can afford to ski in Aspen getting their kicks by ripping off my school and blaming it on the nearest kid from the wrong side of the tracks pisses me off so much!" She gets up, probably aware that her grand statement can be boiled down to "Meeting adjourned." Patrick bites out that the ski picture doesn't prove anything, but Veronica reveals that she was recording the conversation on her phone. After Blonde Girl stupidly reveals that the third machine isn't in one of their dorm rooms, Veronica says that if the charges against Weevil aren't dropped by noon the next day, she's taking everything she has "to the finest law-enforcement organization in Balboa County." You might as well bring it to Vinnie, Veronica -- why have your dad start something he won't be able to finish? Veronica leaves some unhappy rich kids in her wake...

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