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...and as she heads to her desk, Veronica seemingly sends an email or a text, and then calls Weevil and tells him to get to the Engineering Lab, because she thinks there's a third machine hidden there. Because when speed is of the essence, it's best to call a dude carrying extra pounds and a busted knee.

In his suite, Logan's watching poker on TV (nice) when Dick comes out with his laptop and shows him a video of the early scene with Veronica and Piz: "Not what I'd call bodacious, but firm. Supple. Pleasing to the eye." And Veronica's aren't bad either. Logan, temperature rising, asks where he got it, and Dick says that it came in an email. He asks if Logan thinks Veronica knew there was a camera in the room. Logan: "No." Hmm, that's kind of terse. I wonder if we'll ever find out who Logan thinks put it there?

In an unrelated story, Piz is doing his show when Logan does his best T-1000 impression. It's the straightest he's ever looked. He marches through the cafeteria, enters the booth, and starts beating the crap out of Piz. Piz does try to fight back, but Logan pretty much kicks his ass. It's probably because his fighting style is so eerily similar to Haaron's. It's uncanny!

Mars Investigations. Keith shows up and tells Veronica that a bunch of kids turned themselves in over the fake IDs. He then produces a new answering machine. Aw. Weevil calls, and Veronica tells him that he's cleared. She asks about the machine, but he says that he didn't find anything. They joke about who owes whom before they hang up, and then we pan down to see that Weevil is in fact in possession of the third machine after all. Ooh, nice. This is the most consistently written character on the show, bar none. I still think this means Weevil owes Veronica, though.

Keith summons Veronica into his office for some irrelevancies involving the old answering machine, and then Veronica hears Logan calling her from the front room. She comes out to find him smeared in blood and sweat, and she closes Keith's door before Logan tells her, "There's something you should know." Poor Logan. Who knew a night that started with Hold 'Em could turn into something this ugly? (I play Hold 'Em, and believe me, I AM KIDDING.)

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