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Veronica accosts a woman in the burser's office and shows off her shiny new PI badge. The woman is shocked that Veronica's only nineteen, but come on, honey. You're no spring chicken, and I see no reason to believe you didn't like yourself a young Johnny Depp. Anyway, she explains that the IDs work just like debit cards (Veronica...doesn't know this? She may pay cash for things, but she's been a Hearst student for almost a whole year, here); you can give her cash, and she'll add money to your account and use it at any of various on-campus vendors. Veronica asks if the woman's got the only machine that can add money to the cards, and the answer is yes; if there's an issue with it, they have to send it back to Marietta, GA, where it's manufactured. And...they only have one? Oy. I don't think the vendors would be too thrilled for cash-poor kids to miss out on their food for a couple weeks due to the university not having a spare, although in my own experience with college dining, the kids would owe the machine a favor in that circumstance. The HR guy from earlier appears to get a check from the woman, in the process being present for her mentioning that Weevil has access to her office. This, of course, prompts him smarmily to pipe up about Weevil's bogus (according to him) workman's comp claim, and Veronica has no response to that other than a resigned smile. She gets up to go, but then asks the woman how she knew the fakes were fake. The woman confesses that she didn't -- it was a food court worker who spotted a number of suspicious names on the cards. Looks like if your name is I.P. Freeley at Hearst, you're totally SOL.

Veronica goes to see the worker, a sassy young black woman with awesome dreads, who shows Veronica a list she made of the suspicious names -- including Sylvia Plath, Fibonacci, and Honus Wagner. Veronica asks her to give her a call if any other obvious aliases show up, and the woman agrees, but says after Plath and Wagner got busted, the others stopped coming.

The blonde girl from earlier comes to see Veronica, who it turns out lured her there with an email about a nonexistent library fine. Veronica comes clean, in the process flashing her badge again, as she asks how the girl met Weevil. The girl says that the week before, she went to pay for her lunch, only to find that her card was out of money. That afternoon, she says, Weevil came up to her and offered to sell her a thousand-dollar card for a hundred bucks, so she paid him and supplied him with a fake name, and met him in the basement of the History building the next day and got the card. She then adds that she didn't want to turn Weevil in, especially since he probably has "kids to feed" or something. If I were Veronica, I'd be asking where the girl got the hundred bucks if she couldn't even pay for a burrito, but she's too busy nodding in sympathy over Weevil's Kids To Feed (Thanks, Dead Grandma!).

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