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He is, and I am too, because did I mention that this professor is rather well-tended? Anyway, he tells Veronica and Wallace that it would be almost impossible to make a working fake Hearst ID without the aid of a "supercomputer." He does tell them that there's one powerful enough in the Physics lab, "but they won't let you touch it unless you have a Ph.D," and that the Mech Es built their own, "Daisy." He suggests they talk to "Leon," one of his grad students, who just got a paper published on Cryptography, and says that they can find him after dark: "Leon's part vampire." So...she should bring only half a stake?

Chez Mars. Veronica is exhorting Piz to ask her dad to be on his radio show. Piz is intimidated, not by Keith's Sheriff status, but by his girlfriend's-dad-status. Well, I take his general point, but it's the Sheriff's status that gives him license to kill here. Piz and Veronica start smooching, but jump apart when Keith enters. Veronica gripes about the lack of a "courtesy knock," and I know you're in college, Veronica, but your dad is SO not your roommate. Veronica then surreptitiously coaxes Piz to ask Keith, who accedes when he hears that Vinnie is going to be there bright and early the next morning. Veronica then hits Keith up for a new answering machine, since the "Amish family in 3B" has one just like theirs. After a little technology-related banter, Keith tells Veronica that Weevil's prints and no one else's were on the box.

Veronica's got her garlic ready as she's talking to Leon, who's psyched that his professor has such a high opinion of him. He then goes to get his research files, only to discover that they've been stolen. If Veronica's not wondering how a cryptology expert was so easy to steal from, maybe she should be. Then again, many academics are applied morons.

3. "Say hi to Shauna for me -- she sounds like a keeper." This was Veronica at her most invincible -- taking on a worthy foe and soundly defeating him. Who wasn't like "Hell YEAH!" during that VO?

Radio showdown. Piz asks Keith about his recent crackdown on underage drinking, and Keith says that he plans to continue enforcing the legal age. Vinnie says that he's going to enforce the important laws, "like murder and terrorism." Even the Fitzpatricks at home are like, "Nice phraseology, ASS." Vinnie says that maybe once he takes care of the big problems, he'll have time to drop in on campus-area bars -- "for a cold one." The crowd goes wild! Piz then takes a caller, who has a two-part question for Keith: "First, why do you suck? And the second part: what's it like to suck so hard?" Keith looks balefully at Vinnie, but dude, you totally brought this on yourself. There's no way that kid would be harassing you at 8 AM if he were good and hung over like he should be.

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