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In the library, Wallace notices his stalker, so he gets up from his desk. As soon as he's gone, the kid goes over to snoop around his stuff, but Wallace surreptitiously sneaks back and returns the favor. He finds a little Trapper Keeper-shrine to himself, complete with pictures, game stats, and notes on his activities. When he looks up, the kid is in his face, and asks if he's familiar with "The Castle." Wallace has, in fact, heard of it, and the guy says he's been "authorized to inform" him that he's been "tapped" for admission; however, if he tells anyone, his invitation will be rescinded and there will be consequences. So all this cloak-and-dagger stuff was just to give him an invite to the Stonecutters or Tritons or whatever? I can't believe it was necessary to tail him for this long before offering him the invite, so I'm forced to conclude that if offered, the kid wouldn't turn down those cutoff shorts after all. We cut out before we hear if Wallace accepts the offer.

Veronica and Weevil walk/limp in the quad as Veronica notes that whoever framed him had twenty-four hours to get his fingerprints on the ID machine, and suggests that they retrace his steps. She shows him a camera-phone picture of the ID machine, and asks if he saw it, but the answer is negative, so they go in search of Places Weevil's Hands Have Been. Sniff -- my last chance to say "Make your own joke here!"

The same student, I think, is calling in to give Keith shit, rather hilariously asking if Keith simultaneously got a call about a kidnapping and a call about a twenty-year-old drinking a beer, which one he would answer first. Piz, trying desperately to salvage any future dinner invitations to the Mars home, says he thinks that ground has been well covered. Weevil and Veronica silently enter, and Weevil checks under the table for...something Weevil could have left his prints on, I guess? Maybe he's just looking down there to jog his memory -- that seems more likely. Anyway, whatever he's looking for, he comes up empty as Vinnie nauseatingly talks about how great his military-police service was. I'm thinking Vinnie only became an MP officer because Stripes led him to believe that would be an easy way to score some hot tail, especially given the fact that Keith mentions that Vinnie was dishonorably discharged. It turns out, though, that Keith took obvious bait here, because the door is now open for Vinnie to point out that as a PI, Keith was cited six times for various infractions, and on top of that, his daughter was arrested twice during that time: "The question isn't whether Sheriff Mars can clean up Neptune. It's can Sheriff Mars clean up his own household." Veronica takes this opportunity to pop Vinnie in the back of the head, which I guess is her little way of answering the question on Keith's behalf. She and Weevil leave, and Piz and Keith vainly try to suppress smiles.

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