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Weevil and Veronica enter the HR guy's office, and converse about Weevil's visit the other day while ignoring the guy. The guy petulantly tells them to get out and starts to call Security until Weevil mentions that he did pick up an envelope with "the suit's" home address on it: "Not sure what good that'll do me." Heh. The suit hangs up, and if he's that scared of Weevil, he must really think he's faking the knee injury. He and Veronica leave...

...and show up at their next stop, which is some girl's room. Weevil was in there fixing the sink on the day in question, and thinks he might have left a tool there, so she lets him and Veronica in, enthusing that he did a great job. Weevil leans down and urgently tells Veronica that when he was last there, there was a bunch of stuff under the sink that's now gone, but that he didn't pay much attention to what he was moving. That can happen when you're squatting down and lifting heavy stuff on A BLOWN KNEE. Veronica theorizes that Weevil unwittingly left his prints on the box, and then in comes the girl's roommate -- who just happens to be in Veronica's Criminology class, and Veronica gives her the oh-so-fake "Hiiiiiiiiii" that you usually only see between exes. And not that there's anything wrong with it, but it's just a little late in the game to be springing that particular revelation on us. Weevil starts to ask about his missing tool. Is that all you boys ever think about? Veronica, however, interrupts, fakely telling the fake blonde that she loves her fake hair. She asks if she can snap a picture to show her stylist, the girl terrifiedly accedes, and then the two of them leave. Outside, Weevil wonders what the hell that was all about. Veronica: "Walk me to work! I'll show you what the inside of a library looks like." You know, Veronica, Willow liked the library too. I'm just saying.

4. "You stand idly by." Until this point, Duncan had been Veronica's Kryptonite -- she walked on eggshells around him, despite the callous way he dumped her. Here, at least for a moment, she gained the upper hand, which was a major step forward, for her and for us.

In the library, they're looking at the picture, which Weevil says is out of focus. However, Veronica tells him her true target was the blown-up poster on the wall, which is a picture from Aspen of the Criminology girl with a bunch of pals -- including the blonde girl who accused Weevil and Leon the Asian vampire. Weevil's thrilled, but Veronica asks him if he just wants to save himself, or to take the rest of them down as well. Weevil asks how they're going to ID the others, combining a dose of practicality with the obligatory "duh" sentiment in his own special way. Veronica: "You leave that to me." I wasn't expecting an Alec Guinness shout-out at this point in the game, but I can't say I'm complaining.

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