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Veronica is shaving her legs as she and Mac banter about how much boys like bare breasts. You may not have expected to be living proof of that, hon, but surprises lurk around every television corner.

Mac, Wallace, Piz, and Veronica have taken a little field trip to the beach to test out Wallace's toy plane or whatever. Mac makes a comment about the "Matchbox 20 reunion show," prompting this comment from Piz: "Rob Thomas is a whore." For a shout-out to himself combined with a wink to/slam on the fandom, that was pretty deft. No one said Rob Thomas didn't know how to be smooth. Veronica asks what happened with the whole stalking thing, prompting Mac to ask if Wallace has a man-crush. Piz: "The man-crush isn't me, is it?" Hee. Wallace of course can't talk about it, which does nothing to quell the rumors, as anyone familiar with the internet will tell you.

Elsewhere, Logan and Dick emerge from the water, and Dick seems to be having a good enough time that he's not even half in the bag yet. He does make a joke about how tight the wetsuit is on his balls, and he may not have touched the beer yet, but I'll have you know that that comment is sending me straight into a bottle of wine.

Wallace is prepping the plane, and Piz says he's so nervous that it's "knotting up his inner nerd." Mac: "You have an inner one?" Mac, I feel obligated to point out that boning a geek like Max doesn't exactly raise your social status. Nevertheless: HA! Piz glares at her, but then it's time to launch. The plane successfully gets off the ground, but after about ten seconds it unceremoniously crashes -- right at Logan and Dick's feet. The groups meet up, and Dick rather gregariously invites Veronica's crowd to hang out with them. She starts to decline, saying that she's there for Wallace, but Wallace says he needs to be alone to work on the plane for a while, so her excuse is blown...

...and we cut to the five of them hanging, as Dick has cracked a brew, and Piz (unsurprisingly given the circumstances) has joined him. Dick's genial sexual comments are kind of amusing everyone but Mac, who goes off to help Wallace. Dick heads after her, and we get the Wacky Electronic Keyboard Of Dick Clumsily Seeking Redemption as he kind of jauntily tells Mac that he was only ever mean to her because he was intimidated by how smart she and Beaver were. She's sort of only half-listening, but he puts a friendly hand on her shoulder and tells her that the way he treated her and "Beav" was totally uncool, and he's sorry for the things he said. Mac warily accepts his apology, and he tells her he gets what Beaver saw in her. I love Dick here, and I can never say enough about how great Ryan Hansen is, but the scene is happily saved from being sappy by Mac's expression, which never wavers from "Who are you and what have you done with Dick Casablancas?" Dick leans in for a kiss, but Mac shoves his gaping maw away and takes off. She looks back in disbelief, and Dick is all, "Don't tell Logan, okay?" He'd never believe it anyway.

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