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Later, Veronica and Piz get out of her car in front of some house. Piz has put on a sleeveless shirt, which is the first really interesting wardrobe change so far, in my opinion. They knock, and some dude -- after confirming that they're there about the guitar -- lets them in. Inside, the guy tells Piz and Veronica that the girl he bought the guitar from sold it for $500, but that you can't find one for under five grand, although he's willing to sell it for four. He opens the case, and it's Piz's guitar, which he proves by correctly predicting that there are two picks from a store in Portland in the case. Veronica asks the seller to describe the girl who sold the guitar, and is told, "Blonde, thin, pretty smokin' bod?" Piz taps Veronica with a knowing dorky smile, and she looks at him, all, "The hard work's not DONE yet, genius." Heh.

Veronica heads back to Junior Bimbo's room as VMVO tells us that the current possessor, "Donald Fagin," offered to sell Piz his guitar back for the five hundred he paid for it. These little wink-to-the-audience references are fun enough for the most part, but I think enough people are familiar with the name Fagin that it spoils the A-plot. But my perspective might be skewed, given that my class performed Oliver! in fifth grade, and I narrowly got beaten out for the role of none other than Fagin. So perhaps I'm not the most representative sample. ["No, you're right. 'Fagin' has entered the lexicon; it's like if Beaver's real name had been Judas Casablancas." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, VMVO adds that a better plan would be to make the thief pay for the guitar. She knocks, and when Junior Bimbo opens the door, Veronica snaps her picture.

Veronica reads a note on Wallace and Piz's message board that says they've "gone bird watching." Hee.

Piz and Wallace are on the lawn, and let's just say the grounds crew will be able to give the sprinklers in this area the night off. Piz is lamely pretending to play Hacky Sack. Of course. Veronica shows Piz the girl in the picture, and asks whether she's the one who ripped him off, but he thinks the answer's no, although he might be more definitive if he hadn't lost so much blood recently. Veronica looks at Wallace and Piz and decides to cut her losses: "Okay! You two have fun being gross; I'll just continue trying to find your stuff on my own, with no help." Heh. Piz gets a good comeback with "That's why you make the big money!" Wallace then tries the Hacky Sack, but Piz doesn't even look at him. Hee.

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