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Tuesday Night Lights
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Some football player is running steps in the stadium in full uniform as his coach suggests that instead of skipping meetings, he should just quit. I'm not sensing the coach is going to be recruited as an AA sponsor anytime soon. We pan up to a sunglasses-wearing Veronica as a VMVO clunkily transitions our way into the subject of protesting, which is Veronica's cue to look at her copy of the school paper, the Free Press, the headline of which reads, "Lilith House Protest Creates Controversy," atop a photo of several topless (with the naughty parts barred out) female students at a football game displaying a banner that reads, "We go to Hearst. Go ahead, rape us." I'll admit that that's a little more provocative than "Go Team." Logan appears, and after allowing Veronica to prove she's been attending classes by rotely reciting a speech that sounds ripped from her latest Women's Studies reading, the two of them walk out. A speaking bimbo with a non-speaking girl in tow tells Logan that she'll see him at some party, and informs him that he can bring his "friend" if he wants. Once they're gone, Logan explains to Veronica that the bimbos are from weightlifting class, and we've been together long enough that I certainly trust you to make your own dumbbell joke. Veronica somewhat tautly speculates about what they do in said class, prompting Logan to put his arms around her and ask whether she's jealous. Veronica: "'Jealous' would involve piano wire." Heh. She seriously says that she's somewhat annoyed, because when his "gym buddies" ask him to a party, he's there already, but when she wants to do something "interesting," he's busy. Well, if it's any consolation, Veronica, if you were the one inviting him to the party and the gym buddies were asking him to take in the auditory equivalent of Sominex, he'd probably favor you. She continues that in college, one is supposed to expand one's horizons "past video games and binge drinking." Oh, Veronica, this is Logan we're dealing with. And as you should know, given that you can't give up your taser or your rapier wit, you gotta dance with what brung you. Logan says he's willing to try something other than throwing up on his XBox, so Veronica suggests the "Art Major Group Show" that night. Logan, however, is busy because he has class until ten. Veronica does not say, "Call me sometime when you have no class," which is very sad for all Back To School fans. (What? No respect?) He suggests that she come by afterward so they can get "political." Yeah, James Carville always turns me on. Oh, that's not what he meant.

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