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Veronica storms into the radio headquarters, but Piz stops her to tell her he got his show, and thanks her for helping with his boss's boyfriend. Veronica informs him that the timing is fortuitous for him, because she's about to make Trish's life less enjoyable. Veronica pulls Trish aside and tells her that she thinks Kurt turned himself in, because she saw "Coach Fry" having Kurt doing stadiums and being very clear that Kurt's life was going to be a living hell. Trish asks if Kurt wasn't kicked off, then. Veronica: "I'd say getting kicked off would have been a bargain." If you've ever run lots of stadiums, you'll know that she's not kidding. You'll probably also know what it's like to inhale your own vomit, which the rest of you will sadly have to imagine.

Sometime later, Veronica pauses at the door to Trish's dorm room, which opens to reveal that Trish has been tearing it apart. She confesses that she took Kurt's playbook in an effort to get him kicked off, because the coach treats him like "a piece of meat" and made his life miserable when he injured his knee. Veronica intones, "You can't quit for him," and now Trish has to pick up that anvil, as if her room weren't already enough of a mess. Anyway, the playbook is gone, but Veronica gets that look on her face as she declares they know who has it. You know, Veronica hasn't really done anything in this episode other than go around to various guest stars and state, for sure and certain, that she knows they committed the crime. If suspects were rare diseases, she'd be a gimpy leg away from being Dr. Gregory House. She's certainly already got the requisite opinion of people in general down.

Larry opens his door and is grabbed by the lapels by one angry meathead. Before Kurt can twist Larry's arm off, however, Larry's roommate, who just so happens to be the stuttering guy from the casino, tells them the book is under the couch. Turns out that Larry did in fact steal the book, but not solely to get Kurt in trouble -- he and his roommate passed the book to the other team (Sonoma State, the same one that offered Pop the scholarship, if anyone cares) in order to fix the game and win money betting against Hearst. Trish suggests that Kurt turn in his book and not say anything, since no one will be the wiser, but Kurt is about as fond of that plan as he is of bad poems that slight his intelligence, and leaves.

Auto-body shop. Weevil has made a lot of progress on Ed's car, and he tells Veronica that only one of the dents is serious. He also is surprised to hear that Ed is such a stick in the mud, as his musical tastes indicate that he might be somewhat hip. He shows Veronica a CD with "Transplants" written on it. A light bulb goes off over Veronica's head...

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