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In the college art room, Veronica finds the Larry dude, briefly seen in the flashback earlier. If you missed him, it's understandable -- I only caught a brief glimpse in between seizures. Anyway, Larry looks like a much less good-looking Kurt Cobain, which is probably all you need to know about him. Veronica, in an obnoxious way that almost seems designed to ensure the least cooperation possible, calls him out about the painting and bad poem he left for Trish. Anyway, as Larry points out, getting Kurt kicked off the team would probably lead to him spending even more time with Trish. "Great theory. You are clearly a genius." Veronica counters that Kurt would lose his scholarship and have to leave, and Trish would be free to "cry on your bony-assed, paint-spattered shoulder." So much for anyone from the NEA watching this show. Larry, exhibiting more patience than perhaps I'd expect, tells Veronica he's just a painter. Veronica: "Yeah, well. So was Hitler." Wow, there's nothing we at TWoP like more than an offhand Hitler comparison. As if I wasn't loving Veronica's character enough already this season!

Veronica busts in to see Kurt and examines his bag for oil paint. She doesn't find any, but she does come across a piece of popcorn, like, nice to have examined it before you went psycho on the hapless painter. Veronica repeats something Kurt said earlier about Pop having walked onto the team, and suggests Pop as a suspect on the grounds that Kurt's scholarship could theoretically go to him. Kurt doesn't believe Pop would have done that, and also thinks Pop would simply have trashed the playbook, leaving them no proof. Veronica suggests blackmail, and at Kurt's look, is all, "Please. I've only done this a million times." If that were true, hon, you'd be in syndication already.

Veronica sends Kurt an email from "The Retriever" as a pointless VMVO concurrently plays. VMVO goes on that she's ready for her official boyfriend visit, but is disappointed to see that the guy waiting patiently for her to finish her side business is not the OPJ in question. I suppose he didn't have any choice but to stand quietly, although that makes me wonder if non-speaking extras are allowed to clear their throats. If not, flu season must be even more of a chore than normal. Veronica's phone rings, and she's happy that it's Logan, until he tells her, amid female whoops in the background, that he won't be able to make it because it looks like he's "getting lucky." He doesn't wait for an answer before hanging up on her. Sweet of him to call, though.

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