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Tuesday Night Lights

Sad strummy-strummy-la-la music plays as Veronica lies in her room with the lights off. Keith enters and tells her he got fired off a job. He certainly knows how to lighten the mood. Veronica quickly realizes that it was because of Weevil. Keith nicely tells her how great Weevil did on his first assignment, but then is forced to inform us his less-than-stellar second effort: a couple's son died in a car crash, and they suspected their daughter-in-law of hitting their grandson. Weevil found out that it wasn't the daughter-in-law, but her new boyfriend, so Weevil beat him up. Lawyers ended up getting involved, and Keith lost the job, while the grandparents lost their chance at custody, or something. This is all so sketchy. If Weevil was on surveillance and saw the guy beating up the kid, presumably he would have gotten pictures, right? And even if he didn't, there's no physical evidence on the kid? How could anyone have known, much less proven, Weevil's connection to the grandparents? Why did Keith put newbie Weevil on such a sensitive case? And most ridiculous of all, how did Weevil get caught assaulting the guy without ending up back in the clink? I'm a little stunned at the sloppiness, here, and while I think new experiences are good in theory, I could have done without this one. Veronica pleads for another chance for Weevil, but Keith isn't having it.

Mars Investigations. Veronica comes in, and Weevil asks, "Is he mad?" Veronica says that she asked Keith if she could be the one to talk to Weevil, and gets right to the point and, kindly enough, fires him. Weevil is unsurprised but bummed, as he liked working for Keith, and asks Veronica if she knows of any other jobs, because if he doesn't find one within a week, he's going back to jail. Veronica offers him two grand if he can get his uncle's tools and fix the Dean's car. Is that that same uncle who owns the auto-body shop at which Weevil worked before? I bring that up for no reason, and the use of italics in that sentence is likewise without meaning.

Pop shows up to Veronica's library station and asks to check out The Tell-Tale Heart. I'll give Veronica some points for style on this one because this was what she instructed him to do in the email. However, her smugness at having him dead to rights suffers mightily when she discovers that all Pop is guilty of is borrowing Kurt's Sociology homework. You should have done the prison experiment, Pop -- if you can't handle regular homework, I don't know how you're going to churn out a twenty-page paper. On top of that, you could have ripped out Rider Strong's larynx and saved me a bitch of a headache. Veronica quickly ascertains that Pop saw the playbook when he opened the bag, and also that he was in Kurt's room until about 1, when Trish showed up and kicked him out. Well, on the plus side, I'm sure Veronica's not going to go around accusing people quite as confidently for the rest of the episode, aren't you?

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