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Mars Investigations. Veronica walks into Keith's office. Keith asks if, before they do whatever Veronica's got planned for his birthday, they could go to BSK's house for dinner. Veronica hands him an envelope and goes to sit at her desk. While Keith's still examining the contents, Veronica asks, "Did you know she was still married?" Oh, Veronica. Much like the Yankees' pitching performance, this ain't gonna be pretty. Props, though -- I thought she was going to check out Icetwin, not BSK. Keith says he did know, and points out that he's still married, too. Veronica adds on that BSK was arrested for passing bad checks, but Keith counters that that was when she was twenty-one. He asks what made Veronica think she had the right to check up on BSK. Veronica tells him that's what they do, and that she was trying to protect him. Keith half-yells that he's an adult. Veronica says that Keith's let BSK into their lives like it's no big deal, but Keith says that BSK makes him happy in a way he hasn't been in a long time, and that he and BSK tried to make Veronica feel comfortable, but that she "chose to be snotty." Nice pitch, Keith, but I ain't buying. I'm not saying that Veronica's doing a background check on BSK wasn't over the line, but she was pretty cool about the whole thing up until then, and I seriously don't even know what you're talking about when you say you tried to make her comfortable. I mean, walking into my kitchen to find my guidance counselor doing the best she can to fill my missing mom's shoes wouldn't exactly lower my blood pressure. Maybe it's me. Veronica urgently tells Keith that Lianne is still out there, and doesn't he care if she ever comes back? Keith makes the valid point that Veronica's been acting as though her mom is Public Enemy #1 for quite some time now. Veronica, half yelling and half crying, tells Keith that he can find anyone: "If she were a criminal, you would make a couple grand tracking her down and you'd have her back in a week!" Keith: "Well, maybe I don't care to find her. Have you ever considered that?" Oh, dear. And here I thought Veronica was going to be unbeaten in interviewing exercises today. Keith tells her that he's had Icetwin's security system turned on, gives her the code, and retreats into his office and shuts the door. Veronica puts her head in her hands. Sniff.

Night. Veronica and Icetwin are tracking the BMW. She's perplexed at how erratic the signal's movements are. She pulls over, and they get out of the car, and soon she declares that the signal is right on top of them. Veronica, didn't you see Aliens? Run! They look over, and a very cute dog comes up to them, wearing the tracking device as a collar. Dude, tell me there aren't a lot of rich dog owners who would pay top dollar for one of those. Isn't absurdity the mother of invention?

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