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He's As Cold As Ice!

Chez Mars, the next morning. Keith tests the waters by asking Veronica if she wants breakfast, but she says she'll just grab an apple. Lukewarm, I'd say. Probably about what's deserved. She notices an envelope on the counter with Icetwin's name on it. Keith tells her that it's everything she "may or may not" want to know about Icetwin. He tells her she's free to open it or throw it away. Ooh, nasty. He knows she won't be able to resist, even though she wants to, and she'll be mad at herself for it. Nicely played, Mars. Nicely played.

Keith and BSK are sitting very close in what might be the coffee shop where he picked her up. He breaks up with her. Ouch. This cup's going to go down bitter. He tells her that Veronica's not ready for him to date anyone else. I don't know. I admire his loyalty to his daughter, but he's rushing out of this relationship as quickly as he rushed into it, without really talking to Veronica about either action, and it all feels a little false to me. Why can't he and BSK just slow down a little and see if Veronica adjusts? BSK asks him if he can give her a crappier reason: "Your being a good father isn't really something I can bitch about to my girlfriends over margaritas." Sure it is. You just need to have a lot of them. Keith hugs and kisses her. Aw. I like BSK.

Veronica, dressed to kill, waits for Icetwin in front of his locker. She calls him out for getting kicked out of two schools for drug possession and trafficking, and mentions that some girl named "Shauna" was kicked out of both schools with him. Not buying that either, really -- I think the parents would have split them up after the first incident. Getting kicked out of school with your druggie girlfriend isn't the sort of thing most parents would react to with a "Do you prooooomise not to do it again?" Icetwin isn't particularly amused, and is less so when Veronica accuses him of knowing about Luke and the steroids. He strenuously denies it, and points out that just because he hadn't told her about his past yet doesn't mean he never would have. "Maybe after I've known you for more than a month, I tell you my deep dark secrets. Or is that too much of a character flaw, waiting for the girl to like you before you tell her the things you're not so proud of?" And the interviewing exercise record stands at one and two. Icetwin stalks off, and Luke appears with the eight grand. Veronica snatches it away and storms off. Man, there's a lot of suspense here with only five minutes to go. And it's not just whether I'll finish the recap on time.

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