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He's As Cold As Ice!

Some time later, Icetwin and Luke are both freaking out -- Icetwin over his car and Luke presumably over something to do with the piñata. Veronica pulls up, stares at Icetwin, and is like, "Dude! Where's your car?" Hee. The delivery, as usual, was flawless. Icetwin's unamused, but maybe he didn't see that movie in the theater. Unlike me...a. My friend Mia. She has the worst taste. (Sorry, Mia!) Veronica and Logan exchange a bit of fairly good-natured snark, so seemingly their détente is still going on. Icetwin says he and Veronica should enjoy this time, as there may not be much of it left. Veronica says she doesn't mind dating a member of the Girls' Bike Club, but Icetwin asks, "How do you feel about dating a guy who's being sent to Catholic school in Albuquerque?" Well, it's kind of far to go to meet anyone new. Oh, wait. Maybe I'll just imitate Veronica and goggle my way into the opening credits.

In daylight, Veronica stops on some street that makes the Silver Spoons theme song pop into my head. Thanks, Veronica. Although I drove Sars insane by singing the lyrics to that recently. Doing so is a handy tool for testing the strength of any relationship of yours. Just don't do it lightly -- after all, it's a fucking annoying song. Anyway, Logan thanks Veronica for the ride, and wonders if she's going to play nice now. Veronica: "Walk in front of the car. We'll see." Hee. He does, and she revs the car with a smile. Logan playfully hits the car with his jacket, causing an answering revving sound from the homes of many of the forum dwellers. Luke asks Logan if he can stay in his guest house. Cut back to Veronica offering to try to find the car. He's resistant, but she wheedles, "I've got friends in low places!" I feel like the word "boy" should be in that sentence somewhere. "Boy, I've got friends in low places!" Nah, that's not right. I'll work on it. Icetwin says he can't report the car stolen because his dad thinks it's still in the garage, which means he can't get the "anti-theft homing device" located. Dude, just say "LoJack." It's much shorter, and it rhymes with a bald man sucking a lollipop. What more could you ask for? Besides a product-placement fee, that is? Icetwin rather happily, under the circumstances, says that his dad's going to kill him. Veronica suggests that they go back to his place. Icetwin, with an admittedly charming smile and eyebrow-raise: "And take my mind off my problems?" Veronica tells him that she needs details about the car, and mentions the "VIN." Icetwin: "How do you make VIN sound so hot?" She laughs heartily. That's one way of drowning out the whispers of "Weeeeevilllll" going through your head.

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