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...which she presents to an agent at the vault, saying, as she presents the key she found, that her mom died. I'm not sure this should work in theory, but maybe the agent didn't want to deal with the tears of a girl who recently lost her mom. I can't think of many people that would. After opening the box, Veronica is shocked to find several pictures of her long-haired self with crosshairs drawn in red around her head. Change sneers, "Bitch, I ain't done with you yet. Not by a long shot."

Later, VMVO has calmed down as she notes that whoever took the pictures was a pro, and knew her schedule. Also, her dad must not know about the photos, "judging by my lack of an eight-man, twenty-four-hour security detail." When you put it that way, it kind of sounds like you got gypped. BSK enters, and Veronica gives her a pleasant smile. Keith rushes out of his office to greet her, and he and BSK nervously babble and exchange a quick peck before turning to Veronica. BSK says she wanted to say hello to Veronica outside school, since she knows the situation with Keith must be a little weird for her. Veronica counters that the situation right at that moment is a little off, yes, but that she's just fine with the two of them dating. Keith reitestammers that BSK thought that if they talked, things would be less...say it with me if you know the word...awkward. Veronica: "And are you starting to see the Catch-22 inherent in the plan?" Hee. BSK admits that she is, but asks if there's anything she can do to make things easier. Veronica: "Can you get me out of fifth-period Bio?" As chill as Veronica was there overall, if I were BSK, I'd be like, "Done and done. And if you're not a big fan of Trig, that's out too."

In her car, Veronica tells Icetwin that she talked to a buddy of hers named Earl, at the impound yard, but that he didn't have a lead on Icetwin's BMW. She theorizes that if going to Tijuana was Logan's idea, he could have intended to steal the car all along. That seems like a lot of effort for a guy whose parents are multi-multi millionaires, but who still couldn't be bothered to get a better girlfriend than Paris Hilton. Icetwin says that's not how it went down, prompting Veronica to inquire as to what was on the agenda of the night in question. Icetwin jokes about "delet[ing] the records of the black voters of Florida." While I'm glad to see my own political beliefs are aligned with whoever wrote that line, I can't really laugh at it. There are few things I can't even talk about rationally, but the unconscionably systematic effort to deprive people of the right to vote in a country that was born of a war over taxation without representation is certainly one of them. (If that sounded relatively calm, let me assure you that I destroyed a couple of stress balls just getting through that sentence.) Veronica asks if there's anything else, causing the playful tone to be swatted out of the car by Icetwin's hackles going up. She clarifies that anything unusual about the evening he can tell her will increase her chances of finding the car. Well, there was that donkey, that's probably not going to help. Icetwin apologizes, and they both look worried.

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