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He's As Cold As Ice!

Cut to Icetwin and Veronica entering some kind of office. Icetwin, in a whisper, asks whether Veronica really thinks "they" will turn the car's tracking device on just by her asking. Veronica: "Just watch a master at work, all right? This is what I do." In the interests of keeping things in their proper linear order, we'll just call that little declaration "Pride." If you don't know what comes after it, take a look out your window at the color of the leaves and see if you can figure it out. Veronica navigates her way through the cubicles to a small office containing a thirtysomething dude. She tells him that she's Icetwin's dad's personal assistant, and that he's "freaking out" because he thinks his anti-theft system isn't working, so could the guy please run a diagnostic? The guy starts in that it's not procedure, but we might as well call him Clay, because that's what he is in Veronica's hands. Clay sits down to oblige, and Veronica sticks her head out of the office and gives Icetwin a conspiratorial wink. I'd better put the heat on -- it's chilly outside today. A stern woman enters, scopes the sitch, and informs Veronica and Clay that they never activate the beacon unless the car's been reported stolen. Sensing that her charms aren't going to work with this one, Veronica leaves Clay to the stern lecture he has coming to him. Icetwin mouths, "Smooth," with a requisite hand gesture. Hee. A little crow never killed anyone. Well, maybe Brandon Lee.

Logan drops Luke off at his house. After Logan's gone, Walker-up pulls up nearby, giving Luke a chance to see if all those sprints he's been running have been worth it. After some jumping of obstacles that's strangely reminiscent of both Wonder Woman and the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Luke gets away. Walker-up yells after him, "You'd better run, you punk bitch!" That's not very polite. Definitely not how they do things in The O.C.

School. Veronica catches Logan at his locker. Logan: "You'd think if hell froze over, maybe it'd be on the news!" Yeah, and you'd think Veronica's car would have skidded a little during that ride she gave you back from Tijuana, ass. Veronica asks about the steroids; Logan admits that he knew about them, and then tells Veronica that he's not going to tell her anything. Hmm. Maybe having those tips refrosted addled his brain. Or maybe they're simply the Blond Tips Of Evil, But Stupid. Icetwin arrives, and he and Logan share a friendly-enough greeting before the latter takes off. For everyone who thought it was unlikely that Logan would hang out with Icetwin without Duncan's presence, I submit that Logan really isn't that discriminating when it comes to the company he keeps. I was going to say "male company," thinking of idiot Luke, but of course then Paris Hilton popped into my head AGAIN. Man. Cleaning my head of her is like the time I had to try to clean cat piss out of my couch. Needless to say, the experiences have a lot in common. Icetwin and Veronica walk away happily.

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