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He's As Cold As Ice!

Keith enters the office of the severe woman from earlier, and, claiming to be the head of security for Icetwin's dad, throws threats of a lawsuit around and browbeats the woman into turning on the tracking system. Keith smiles to himself at a job well done. He didn't do too badly with the woman, either.

Luke is selling a baseball signed by Barry Bonds on Ebay. He can't believe the bidding is only at two grand, and I have to agree. Veronica tells him that there will be a spike at the end of the auction, and indeed, the bid goes up to $2800. Luke whines about how much the ball will be worth in the future, and again, I'm with him. Veronica tells him it's the ball or his life: "You do the math." I'm skeptical of his abilities there, but I'll take a shot: the ball's worth a lot more. Luke pauses in consideration. Veronica: "IT'S A BALL!" Hee.

Icetwin invites Veronica over to his house after school to "play detective." Be careful what you wish for, Icetwin. Veronica wonders how he can be so laid back, considering that if they don't find the car, the two of them will be done. Icetwin uses a somewhat melodramatic metaphor to indicate that he's given up, so they might as well enjoy the time they have together. Wallace butts in from out of nowhere to wonder why Icetwin's parents would punish him so severely. Geez, Wallace, how many of your parents' BMWs have you lost? None, I'd guess, from the fact that you're here and not in Timbuktu. And by the way, thanks for dropping by this week. Why don't you go see what Sydney Tamiia Poitier is up to?

Oh, here she is, giving instructions about the interviewing exercise. Some girl in entirely too much pink asks Veronica: "So, Miss Mars, how do you respond to the rumors that your boyfriend hooked up with strippers in Tijuana last weekend?" Oh, dear. Looks like someone brought a kitten's claws to a catfight. Veronica: "Miss Banks, have you decided which parent you're going to live with after the divorce? And if I may, a follow-up. Can you believe your father's choice in mistresses?" "Meeeeeow" doesn't really even do it justice, does it? Miss Dent asks to speak to Veronica after class.

Cut to said conversation, where Miss Dent babbles something about the lies we need to believe. Like, say, thinking that your presence adds anything to this show. Go away, Miss Dent. She does, and VMVO tells us that information is insurance: "With someone whose heart has already been crushed, I say: can't be too careful." She logs into the site she used to check up on Wallace earlier.

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