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He plops the book bag on a roulette table and says he wants to bet $250,000. The pit boss says that he will need to get permission from management to raise the betting limit, and Ripley tells him to hurry because his "pants are getting wet." Okay. Luckily, management arrives at just that moment. It's Nicky, and he wants to know if Ripley's ready to take his offer. Ripples says that he wants to bet instead. Nicky somehow knows that it's a $250,000 sum. Good counter. If Ripley loses, he'll start work for Nicky on Monday. Ripley asks what color car Nicky has -- it's black (both of his cars are). So Ripley bets red. SCANDALOUS. He bets and wins. Lots of cheering from the crowd. He says he wants to bet once more for luck. He lets it ride, and he wins. Things are really looking up for Ripley.

Ripley bursts into his house and gets Jack and takes him to the Viva, where the marquee has been hung and wired. That only took a few hours, I guess. They light up the sign and sing "Viva Las Vegas" (very very badly) together as Peter looks at them from his car. This is one horribly shitty program.

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