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Voyager: “Threshold”

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The One With The Salamander Sex
Janeway walks through darkened corridors and calls the Bridge to find out what the deal is. Chakotay reports that Parisite broke loose and is slithering around free somewhere. I'd start checking all the dark, damp places on the ship. If this were Enterprise, I'd suggest starting with T'Pol's pants, but checking out Neelix's kitchen is a better idea. They can't get power to the sensors to track Parisite, but Tuvok and his security team are searching the ship deck by deck. Be sure to look for the telltale slime trail with bits of regurgitated leaf bits and pebbles caught up in the sticky. Janeway reports that she's on her way to the Bridge, and comms out. She's about to step onto the turbolift when she hears some heavy breathing behind her. It's a mating call. She pauses and carefully crosses her arm over to grab at her hip-holstered phaser. She whips around, but before she can get a proper shot off, Parisite leaps at her, knocking her into the turbolift. She appears to fall into unconsciousness. Parisite hovers over her for a moment before closing in. Please don't tell me they do it in the turbolift, because there will be no getting that smell out. On the Bridge, Kim reports a phaser discharge on deck six, but he can't quite localize it precisely. Chakotay checks things out and reports that Tuvok doesn't have any Security in that area. Chakotay orders Security to deck six. Parisite carries Janeway onto a sh'pod and lays her gently on the floor. He gets behind the controls. Kim reports from the Bridge that a sh'bay is depressurizing. First Tuvok doesn't have any Security on deck six and now he's allowing a sh'pod to take off? Tuvok kinda sucks. They can't tractor the sh'pod, because the tractor beam is offline. Late to the party, Tuvok comms that he found Janeway's phaser, but no sign of the Captain. Why don't they lock onto Janeway's signal and beam her off of the sh'pod? Man, this crew is SLOW! No wonder it took them seven years to get back home. Chakotay orders that they maintain a sensor lock on the sh'pod. They get power back and set off in pursuit of Parisite and his lady slug love. As the sh'pod hits warp nine-point-nine, and Chakotay orders that they keep up with them, Voyager's ship's computer informs them that structural collapse is imminent. They still aren't in tractor range, and the sh'pod is still accelerating. Chakotay orders their speed reduced, but wants them to maintain sensor lock on the sh'pod. Kim loses the sh'pod, reporting that they've gone to transwarp.

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