Empty Pockets

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Empty Pockets

Ty is at work and answers the phone on his way out to the pool. It's Russ, who says, playfully, "Is this Ty Swindell, scuba instructor extraordinaire?" Ty laughs, and . . . okay, people! There will be no snickering about "it's fun to stay at the YMCA," do you hear me? Don't make me say it again! So Russell and Ty are on the phone and Vandy's on, too, meaning they're having a three-way (yeah, okay, but we are NOT going there) conversation. Anyway, they agree to meet up, but then Ty says he'll pass. "Come on man, it's Game Night!" says Russell, referring to what seems to be a tradition from college. The guys insist that since they have to put up with Game Night, Dawnie will have to put up with Ty. "It'll be a disaster," says Ty. But the others promise that Dawnie will be fine. They all hang up.

You might want to cover your ears and sing loudly to yourself while you read the following sentence: "Dawnie and the girls have a three-way of their own." Anyway, Dawnie is upset about the way Russell and Vandy are letting Ty back into the Wasteland Gang. She insists that Jesse and Sam help her intervene. Jesse says Dawnie should get over it. Dawnie says she needs time. Sam just sounds like a moron because she's trying to lose her accent right that very minute, and she has to say each word three times, and it's not even funny. Dawnie bitches some more. Jesse says, "I met a guy!" "We're talking about me," snarls Dawnie. At this point, I think Sam can use whatever accent she damn well pleases, as long as she uses it to say, "Shut up, Dawnie." Instead, she says that they'll all support Dawnie and declare Ty off-limits as a friend. They agree to meet for Game Night at Jesse's. Then they all hang up.

Then Jesse calls Sam back and tells her that she invited Ty. Sam tells her to try to call and cancel. "Can't the guy be our friend?" complains Jesse. "Not if you want to live," says Sam. I'm getting really tired of always hearing how Dawnie will kill them, like she's holding the total Cheek Slap Of Coercion over them all.

There's a commercial for "Fa," which is "a refreshing European bodywash." And, if you're Sam, it's also the word for "fire."

Okay, this is not a retraction, but I guess this loft we saw in the very beginning of the last episode was maybe actually Jesse's loft, because here it is again. My bad -- how silly of me to think that the place where one is shown eating breakfast is actually the place where one LIVES, and also, what made me assume that more than one person lived in an apartment that's about the size of a Barnes & Noble? But while this loft is the same loft from last episode, it's now in a totally different building.

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