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Big Turkey
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Like so much stuffing fills a turkey, Survivor rolls out the annual Thanksgiving recap episode full of "bonus" "unseen" clips to fill the hour until next week's actual new episode. Probst kicks the show off with one big previously segment showing the season so far, in which we see as many clips of Jimmy Johnson as possible as well as reminders that Holly and NaOnka are crazy. Then a bunch of old people and Shannon are voted out and Brenda and Sash are credited with being in total control of the game until Brenda is voted out. Probst says this episode will give us a "deeper look" at how the nine remaining contestants managed to stay in this game and they actually do include a shot of the other Kelly as one of those nine, even though the editors usually like to forget she even exists. I have a feeling this episode will be no different and we will not be treated to a deeper look at the other Kelly.

We begin at the beginning ... again. I mean, I thought we just did this in the previously on segment, but apparently we're going to do it again, except for much longer. Espada arrive at their camp and introduce themselves. Jane gives Marty a big hug, which is interesting to see in retrospect. Oh, good -- more from Jimmy Johnson, who reminds us that everyone in Espada is old. The menfolk set about bossing each other around about where and how to build the shelter. Marty interviews that the only person who probably knows how to actually build a shelter is "Joe Pesci over there," a.k.a. Dan. Ha! Joe Pesci. Brilliant. As it turns out, Joe Pesci's "construction" work is merely a mob front, as he knows nothing about building a shelter and interviews "who the hell ever built a shelter before? I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, think I ever built a shelter?" I love how the fact that Dan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York is the reason why he doesn't know how to do anything. Milking cows? Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Riding a zipline? Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Building a shelter? Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Meanwhile, the women weave palm fronds peacefully and roll their eyes at the men's inability to get along or build anything. Jimmy T. stomps around barking out orders that he thinks are simply helpful suggestions while Tyrone interviews that he's just going to ignore Jimmy T. like the crying child he is. Jill interviews that Jimmy T. seems to be doing a lot of yelling and cursing but at least the women are making good progress on their palm fronds. She doesn't have much hope that they'll have the shelter built in time for nightfall.

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