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Women Are Useless And/Or Bitchy
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Fresh from voting Kristina out, Onomatopoeia return to camp and wait to die of either pneumonia from all the rain or from being murdered by Phillip, who says he wasn't surprised to get three votes tonight because he knows he's the odd man out of his tribe and there's a tight alliance that he isn't a part of, no matter how obviously valuable he is to them. The tribe beds down for the night wearing very little clothing so they won't sleep in rain-soaked clothes. That means Phillip and Rob will be spooning. Rob makes sure Phillip is wearing underwear. Phillip says he is, but Rob shouldn't have been worried about that anyway. He only kills people in their sleep. He doesn't have sex with them. The next morning, Rob complains about Phillip as a sleeping buddy, saying he stuck his knee in Rob's back all night long. Rob thinks he did it on purpose because he's angry about the Tribal results. I think he did it to make a point to Rob that he was not going to try to have sex with him in his sleep. Or maybe that wasn't his knee. Rob interviews that Phillip is crazy, annoying, cannot be trusted, and insists on walking around in nothing but pink briefs and his awesome white loafers. This, Rob says, kind of makes Phillip a great ally. Hey, that's how Li'l Russell got to the end twice. Why not?

Over at Zapato, the alliance of six HEROES are feeling good and catching fish. Steve says he'd love for Krista and Stephanie to be part of their club, although that's ridiculous since if they are, then ... who do they vote out next? Or maybe they're just planning not to lose ever again. Mike fetches the treemail, and it's time to send two more people to the Redemption Island arena. The four people who haven't gone yet pick tiles, and Krista and Stephanie win the chance to go. Julie doesn't really care what they do, saying way too confidently that with Li'l Russell gone, they pose no threat to her alliance and nothing they do really matters. "They can't do any damage to us," she says. Well, we'll see about that. Indeed, Stephanie is planning to let the other tribe's representatives know that they hate their tribe and will flip to their side at the first available opportunity. This would be a solid plan if the merge wasn't so far away.

The girls arrive at the arena, and Rob and Grant take their places as Onomatopoeia's representatives. Matt and Kristina arrive. Hey, remember last week when Li'l Russell was on Redemption Island and we got to watch him for like fifteen minutes? Well, this is the first we're seeing of Kristina. Matt seems like a decent enough guy, but I am rooting for her. Probst explains the challenge: each player will grab a bunch of Tetris-like pieces that must be put together in the shape of a cube. Nothing more, nothing less. Probst says go, and Matt has an early advantage in that he is physically stronger than Kristina and can get his pieces to the platform first, but Kristina is not far behind. It looks like Matt will have a quick win, but with two pieces left to place ... he has to start over. Kristina isn't doing much better, although she isn't distracted by Rob's presence like Matt is. He calls Rob a "rascal" who voted him out for no reason. He says he'd love to know why. Rob just says he wasn't the only person who voted Matt out. Meanwhile, Kristina is really struggling with the heavy pieces. She could lose this just because those pieces seem to be so heavy. Indeed, Matt suddenly figures it all out and wins. He laughs in Rob's face and hugs Kristina, who is still exhausted when they're called in front of Probst. Probst asks Matt if he learned anything from Rob or Grant today, and Matt says he thought he had a Final Three alliance with them and hopes to get back in the game and back on their tribe. So they can vote him right back out again, I guess. Kristina says nothing, as she can barely stand. Stephanie sees her chance and says she wishes she was as loyal to her tribe as Matt seems to be to his. Well, that's because Matt's an adult and you are a sulky baby, Stephanie. She says that even though Zapato has more members, two of them would flip in a second. Krista agrees. Probst asks Rob how he feels about this, and Rob says it sounds good if it's the truth. Stephanie assures him that it is. Rob gives her a thumbs up.

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