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When They Do the Double-Dutch

She held up fucking Andy Botwin in front of him and said, "Even this is a better man than you are." With the exception of Guillermo, Nancy has never been vindictive. She's too self-centered for that -- and she has every reason, if not every right -- and to used to seeing everybody as a tool, a prize, a pawn or a part of the landscape. Those are the kinds of people Nancy can see when she looks outside herself: how they can best be put to use. Including her children, as usual. Between Wicked Fairy Pilar and this whole mess, I'm thinking we're gonna need to keep him away from spinning wheels and stuff moving forward.

Esteban Reyes -- the father of her child, the king-father of Avi Melech, of Stevie Ray -- is the only person on earth whose love doesn't make her feel like she's drowning, and she's laid herself on the floor for him this time: See what I'm prepared to do, see the humiliating and hilarious lengths I'm prepared to reach, in order to prove how much I love you? Why can't he love her enough to see beyond the humiliations she's heaping at his door, and see the roses underneath?

I mean, it's the most fucked-up thing in the world, but the scariest thing is how easy it is to get into that headspace. I've seen men marry women they hated, just to prove they didn't love other men. I've seen married people commit infidelity in order to bring their spouses back, or to prove how strong their love must still be. This kind of emotional terrorism happens constantly, when we let the measure of our pain show us the depth of our love. If we didn't love each other, we say, then this wouldn't hurt so much. You could bleed forever. Pretty awful when you think about it: like Andy under the boardwalk, fucking his way toward becoming a provider. All you were trying to do was call somebody else's bluff, and you ended up ugly, and behind bars.

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