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This Day By the Lake

While Andy leaves, finally having pulled off one grand gesture, not that it'll last, and Nancy sits at Esteban's table, absorbing the hit from that, and Isabelle stares disbelieving at Doug trying to scrape the G-Ham off his face ("He can Love At First Bite Me!"), a car is driving up to Esteban's house. While it's simplest to suppose that this is somehow the real Mrs. Esteban Reyes, come to kill Nancy Botwin after all, that doesn't really make a lot of sense. Her name is Pilar, and that's all I know right now.

Except that for once, Nancy was choosing relative safety over Copenhagen insanity, and look where it got her. Which sucks, because love looks good on her, but sucks more because these were months of peace in which she flourished, and we'll never see them. Only their consequences for everybody else. Of all the times for this particular show, in its entire history, to expand rather than contract. Every moment of this show has been laid end-to-end, from one cliffhanger to the next, since we met her. I would have liked to have seen more days like this one, not gone in the blink of an eye. She must feel the same way.

What the woman inside that car has to say to Esteban, I didn't catch much of, but when she leaves, it's with daggers in her eyes sharp enough that Nancy puts her hands over her belly instinctively, and whatever she says, it's sharp enough in turn that Esteban, with real sadness in his eyes, tells Nancy they can't be married after all. And then he retreats, leaving her against the door, all alone. Again. Again again, actually.

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