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A Pool And His Money

"Microwaves ruin everything!" shouts Marvin at Nancy's house, where they've got several different dryin-out schemes working: some's in the microwave, some is lying around in huge piles; Nancy's got a bunch in the dryer. Nothing seems to be working. They discuss how Nancy doesn't really smoke pot, which surprises Nancy. She tells him to smoke some, and he starts rooting around for a soda can. As they're fighting over Marvin's desire for a refreshing root beer to smoke it with, Lupita comes in. She takes in the scene, as she is wont to do, and then advises them hilariously that, if they're trying to make hash, they're doing it really wrong.

In the best scene of the episode, Celia wanders down the street drunkenly, chatting up postmen and hockey kids. The latter are not feeling her, even as she strikes a hilarious hostess pose against their goal net and gives a speech about how she's a crusader. Later, she wanders all alone, chuckling to herself: "Celia Hoades! Doing it pro bono!"

The pot is not operational: it has been ruined. Marvin tells Nancy she's out of options and tries to drag her, empty-handed, back to the grow house. "I will hurt you! I'm a thug! It's what I do!" he apologizes. She comes up with one last crazy scary plan -- Marvin tells her that he once brought back the wrong thing from 7-Eleven and now has an artificial patella -- and he's not interested in dorking around. She begs, and gives the Nancy eyes, and I assume he follows her crazy ass wherever she's headed, because that's how this show works: Nancy does something destructive and nutty, and an entire ethnic rainbow of good-hearted criminals shake their heads and go along with it.

Andy, covered in blood from Abumchuk's vicious headbutt, now driving Shane's abandoned van. I mean, he looks like hell. He looks like Fight Club. The police call Andy to tell him they've located the kid, but a suspicious pair of NASCAR people stare him down.

Isabelle and Doug come home from the grad party and laugh about somebody's drunk mom flying commando. They start to get sundaes together, all cute and fat like a cute fat little family, but Isabelle discovers Celia passed out in the dumbest fucking room ever built. (Great fucking episode.) Celia rolls around on the ground for awhile, much to Isabelle's pleasure, and admits that she is locked out. They make fun of her for awhile, and she finally drags herself to her feet, begging for a bath. Doug gives her a little bath time, unlocking the bedroom door with a houseplant key. Isabelle loves it more than anything.

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