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Outside, Shane watches Peter get into his car, getting a nice big eyeful of his DEA windbreaker.

Heylia's. Joseph's crew is clearing out when Heylia comes over to thank him. Joseph kindly says that the enemy of his enemy is his friend, and as they share a wistful look, he adds that it's a shame. Heylia agrees, but says that, with all the rules, she couldn't keep it up for long. With a parting "Salaam aleikum" and a kiss to Heylia's forehead, Joseph takes his leave. Vaneeta comes in, reading some crazy shit, from one of Joseph's pamphlets, about how a black scientist created all the white people, and then a spaceship-- Heylia very intensely tells Vaneeta that she needs to be quiet for ten minutes. Aw.

A guy from Victor's crew is back at the grow house, having just turned the kitchen island into a gigantic safe. They're going to keep their ready-to-sell harvest there; only Conrad and Nancy will know the combination -- five digits. He takes off for a second, and Nancy suggests 6-2-6-2-9: it's "Nancy" as spelled on a phone keypad. Conrad tells her that someone will guess it: "And no kids' birthdays, either." Nancy immediately has an idea and leans over to set it.

And, at school, Shane is also dealing with a combination lock -- this one on his locker -- when Gretchen comes over and says hi. She wastes no time in confirming that he likes her and wants to be her boyfriend. She declares that she won't be kissing him until her braces come off. Shane's fine with that. Wow, that was hot.

Chez Hodes. Celia bitterly watches Isabelle's commercial. Dean runs in just as it's ended, excitedly asking if she saw it. Celia crabs that at least they got her hair right (indeed, it is curly in the TV spot), and then asks how much money they'll be looking at if the ad goes national. Dean tries to explain to her that "they" aren't entitled to shit -- it's Isabelle's money -- and Celia waves him off, asking for a few thousand dollars to buy some new clothes; she needs them now that she's in the public eye. Dean tells her that's frivolous, but Celia reminds him that he bought a motorcyle and a stupid leather jacket. Dean's like, "Tough." Celia wonders if Nancy will give her a Franklin out of her bra if she asks, like, super-nice.

Andy's making dinner in the kitchen at Nancy's when she comes in. Andy comments that she looks frazzled, but they don't really pursue, because Shane bursts in to let them both know he kicks ass: not only does he have a girlfriend, but he was elected by his peers to speak at the graduation ceremony. Nancy and Andy are stunned and thrilled for him, but once he's taken off to go work on his speech, Nancy asks whether they're worried that the other kids are setting him up so they can mock him. Andy says they're laughing with him now: "They think he's cool, ever since he took up your cause. Nancy doesn't know what cause that would be, so Andy explains: "Go, drugs! Rah rah rah!" Best Homecoming ever. Nancy claims that Shane doesn't know what she does, but Andy replies, "Keep clinging to that raft."

City Council meeting. It's super-boring. Celia deals with a motion that a Walter Stringer has raised, to build a family room on his house, and Celia recites the zoning law for which he's seeking a variance. Or whatever. But Doug enters just then, Sun Chips in hand, and corrects Celia on which law they're talking about. He also announces that Walter isn't building a family room; it'll be "a giant garage for his boat," and will "cut off all the light to his neighbour's dining room." Doug advises Celia to read the plans, noting that family rooms don't have concrete floors, nor doors that are operated by remote control. And it's why so many families break up, I fear. Walter bitterly reminds Doug that he isn't in charge anymore, and Doug says Walter should be glad he isn't, because Doug would have thrown him out, and calls him a "cheap-ass" for not paying for a marine slip. Celia tells Doug he's out of order, and then votes for Walter to spite Doug. However, Celia's the only one, and Walter's motion is denied. "FUCK YOU, WILSON!" screams Walter as he stomps out. Doug tells him to go play with his dinghy. Heh. Celia starts bitching about the lights, and Doug tells her they need them for the public-access feeds, ruefully adding that "no one looks good in hi-def." Celia starts to scold Doug about the rules of the meeting, but as a tech starts messing with the lights, sweeping the spotlight back and forth in her face, she loses it and tells him to cool it with "the fucking lights!" Doug reminds her that she has to watch her language. Celia says that she knows what he and everyone else is doing, but that she doesn't need them to like her. Doug suggests that they put it to a vote: "All those who don't like Celia, say 'aye.'" Everyone "aye"s, and Doug says that the public has spoken. Heh, ouch. But then, loathsome people shouldn't run for public office. I learned that last night at Frost/Nixon.

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