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Outside, Nancy tells Peter that she really needs to get back. He says he doesn't want to keep her, but that he didn't want their last conversation to be their last conversation; he was mad. Nancy says she knows he was, and that he had a right to be. Peter says he just wants to be with her; Nancy's not so sure. Hearing noises inside, she says again that this isn't the right time for this conversation. Peter asks when will be the right time, and Nancy replies, "When it isn't my dead husband's birthday." Peter: "Fair enough." 'Cause, really, that's a trump card you can't beat.

When Nancy comes back inside, Lupita catches her up on what she missed: Shane smashed the cake and ran upstairs after hearing that Peter was Nancy's boyfriend; Silas ran outside after he heard that Peter was a DEA agent; Andy ran upstairs to get high. Thanks, Peter.

Nancy goes out to the patio, where Silas is very angrily bouncing a basketball off the wall over and over. She demands that he talk to her, and he obliges, saying that she's fucking crazy to date Peter. Nancy says that Peter knows about her business, and Silas surmises that Peter's a crooked DEA agent. Nancy says that Peter protects her business; he says that he can't do anything to her. Silas says that he could arrest her. Nancy doesn't really have a comeback for that (since, marriage certificate or no, IT IS THE TRUTH), so she swears him to secrecy, and then tells him about the marriage. Silas freaks out, given that it's Judah's birthday, and Nancy tells him to quit playing the dead dad card: the wrong parent died, but tough shit. Silas stomps off (this is why you don't buy teenagers cars, people!), Nancy calling impotently after him to come back and watch "Willy fucking Wonka!" Left alone, Nancy grabs a handy baseball bad and destroys the piñata, out of which falls only fun size Almond Joys. Surely a choice of candy would have been what Judah wanted?

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