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Bill Sussman

The Agrestic City Council is meeting for a vote on the shit highway, and despite an impassioned plea from Agrestic's lone environmentalist to save the dirt shrew (Celia: "Your passion humbles us"), the measure passes unanimously. Celia votes for it too, though she makes a point of doing so out of lockstep with Doug. Doug calls for a moment of silence for the dirt shrew and then he and Celia duel with their gavels while Sullivan grossly smiles at them from the audience, no doubt already planning to use Doug and Celia's enmity against each other. And, on cue, Doug notices Sullivan making eyes at Celia and asks her what she got. Celia answers by plucking a house from the Majestic scale model, which leaves Doug fuming with jealousy.

Elsewhere, a hooded figure approaches Nancy, who's out in her driveway trying to scrub blood out of her back seat for all the cul-de-sac to see. No need to worry for her, though, as it's only Andy, wearing a ridiculous and girly red-haired wig that kind of flips up at the bottom and makes him look suspiciously like Margaret from The West Wing. He says he's on the run, with the alias "Bill Sussman," because "they killed Rodriguez." Nancy points to the blood stain and says she thinks she killed a Hernandez. Andy asks after the bullet holes in the car and Nancy's like, "I was in a drive-by. I drove the drive-by! How fucking nuts is that?" If you enjoy a good "Mary-Louise Parker rapidly unspools and you can't tell if she's laughing or crying" scene, this is among the best she's done. She shows Andy -- "Bill Sussman," he reminds her -- her unshaking hand and says she has "nerves of steel" now. Her rageful and crazy tearing open a bottle of cleaning fluid in order to drown out the blood stain in her car kind of undercuts that point a bit. Andy reiterates that he thinks the government is hunting him down, but since Nancy's clearly busy losing her damn mind, he'll be on his way. He asks for some money, which only earns him another on-the-verge diatribe from Nancy, at which point he takes off, using his super-deep Bill Sussman voice to tell her to tell the kids he misses them. He seriously looks like the Unabomber's masculine younger sister, it's very bizarre.

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