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Hey, so remember how last week all we got of Conrad and Heylia was one short scene in the warehouse where it's established that Conrad is really, really good at growing weed and Heylia is slowly coming around to that fact and giving him the respect he deserves because of it and then we didn't hear from them again? That's pretty much all we get this week, though Vaneeta's on hand as well. Oh, well, there is some indication that Conrad and Heylia were behind Marvin's drive-by ass shooting, which is certainly interesting, but I am seriously hoping the show gets them back into Nancy's mix again soon, because I can't say I'm thrilled with seeing this same exact scene play out for too many more weeks.

Andy and his Holly Hobby wig are having dinner with Sanjay (!) and his parents (!!), explaining what went down with Rodriguez and the drone-cum-death-missile. Sanjay's parents don't speak English, which allows Sanjay to translate that he barely knows Andy, but he's related to Sanjay's employer which makes it cool that he's staying there. And no, he's not one of Sanjay's "gays," Dad. Sanjay's Dad wants Andy out of his house. Lost-in-translation humor has certainly gotten a little musty, but the odd couple of Andy and Sanjay makes it worth it.

Botwins'. Silas comes home with another envelope stuffed with cash and a head even more stuffed with thoughts of his own awesomeness. He's even going by the name "Judah" on the streets, which Nancy either genuinely thinks is sweet or is too tired and/or crazed to object to. Shane shows up and asks them for help with his little murder mystery assignment -- he thought he had a handle in this case of a girl who went missing after prom and whose blood was found in an alley, but the latest clue their class got says the girl showed up to school next week. Shane is confused. Silas suggests "WWVMD." The huh? "What would Vic Mackey do!" Shane exclaims. Okay, somebody has a little crush on The Shield, Jenji Kohan. Shane says Vic would plant some evidence and then beat a confession out of someone. But what's Shane going to do? Shane lowers his voice and says, "Drink myself into a stupor and then sleep with my prostitute-slash-informant." Nancy: "No more cable for you." Man, I don't think we've gotten a scene like this with the Botwins since Season 1: absolutely sweet and more than a little fucked up if you think about it for more than five seconds. That's what we watch this show for.

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