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The Prime of Miss Nat Newman
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The cops yelling at Randy and Nathalie are not, of course, yelling about the weed trimmings. I wish every cop on TV were Louis CK, so much so that in my head I was expecting Louis CK this week. Instead of him it's this, like, Every Gay Person On TV. The other one doesn't speak, because white men in cop uniforms are more intimidating than black men in cop uniforms, because that's like white-squared.

Anyway, the reason the cops are yelling is that the Audra Van has been booted, because it has more than six grand in tickets and the plates don't match anyway. So whoever Silas got the plates from was not good at parking legally, and now there is trouble. But this scene is about more than just putting Nancy back on the road and grounding her without transport: It's also about hilarious talking.

Randy, under his breath, tells Nathalie to run, run fast and she goes, "Whut. I. Van." That's her gift of gab a-workin'. Then she and Randy go into this hilarious attempt at being from Seattle: "That suburban minivan? No. Ew. Totally. We're cool people. Urbanites. It's sort of our identity?" Gay Cop isn't buying it, and so Randy tries to help: "Silly, we know, these days. When gonorrhea is becoming drug-resistant. When Iran is teetering. Turducken..."

"The hell are you babbling about?" asks the cop, and Nathalie jumps into a whole speech: "Those are just a statement of defeat, like, I'm just gonna buy into the whole thing.Or maybe you're trying to impress someone, by being something you're not, when in truth, you don't love this person and you never really did. And maybe they're just really judgy, with weird limp hair... For example..." Talking shit about Alanis Morissette's anything is like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa, in my opinion, but if the overconditioned Canadian winter fits...

Randy is getting so steamed he forgets where they are and makes a succession of hilarious pouting faces while Nathalie explains this weird lie to the Gay Cop about how they aren't on a stroll, just taking out their lawn trimmings, and Randy locates their recycling bins, and Nathalie's like backathehouse backathehouse backathehouse and the cop stops them because they put it in the wrong bins, and it's very tense and whatever, and Randy says he's colorblind, and supports the police in their "current funding fight with the city," and then nervously and weirdly Nathalie explains, over her shoulder, "Sometimes we use the back door..." It's just aching with awkward. Back of the house, she pounds Randy's shoulder instead of screaming bloody murder at how bad that almost got.

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