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The Prime of Miss Nat Newman

The journalist asks what they even like think they're going to accomplish with running around naked, like in any way, and in that moment he joins the Man. Journalist Soup. They yell at him and call him "news fatty" and accuse him of biases and trying to keep them -- oh, the adoration I feel at this moment -- "silent and complacent," and finally, despite him pointing out that it's just a dumb college paper, like, "I don't really care either way," he says, and then Silas throws J-School physically out the room and Kimmi's like, "You're so passionate, Mike!"

And Mike Newman throws down, and kisses Kimmi like the rough-hewn heavy-thewed pulp hero of some Barsoomian tale, and this right here is what is amazing, and right, and good, about college kids, about the soup of revolution: For one second, he is. But you know God...

Silas's heart sinks into his chest and he's crying by the time he gets off the phone, just shouting no no no to the ended call, and then -- grossed out by himself, or by the dilemma, or maybe he's just already enough like Nancy to know where the exits are -- asks to borrow Kimmi's car.

As Cesar and Ignacio pore over the abandoned minivan for clues to the Botwins' current whereabouts, Anointed Doug whines and begs for food. Finally, he finds a french fry on the floor, and as he munches it -- grossing Ignacio right out -- he muses. "A minivan. Andy was really gonna do it, huh? The kids, the family, the whole bit? I once had kids. I once had a home, kids, 500 CD changer. Now I'm eating floor fries. Well, at least God wants me alive. That's something." Yeah, it's something all right. Meanwhile, Ignacio and Cesar are hating on God for letting this happen, and then they find a pen from the selfsame Paradise Motel where Crack Mommy and her boisterous brood are holed up.

Speaking of, here comes Nancy now, wearing a shoulderless long-sleeve knit shirt under a crocheted spiderwebby vest and still the blood spot under her nose where Latrice punched her. Instead of looking like an able drug dealer, she looks like a very sad drug user. And she doesn't seem to care. She's also rocking a trash bag and a large hobo bag, jorts, and oddly specific belt, and nearly knee-high boots. She looks insane. I didn't notice it until this part, but she just looks cracked right out.

So Silas drives up to the motel and she's all, "You are the hero of this family!" and he explains that it's not really what it looks like: He has borrowed Kimmi's car to say goodbye. Nancy's like, "Come on, open the trunk so we can all run away in this girl's car. I'll give you a Toblerone." There's a very tense moment where she's just nakedly begging and he's pretty clearly having an internal crisis of hurricane proportion, but it's nothing we haven't seen before, even just looking at this season. (Ha! Remember this? "I won't give you your tooth back. I keep your tooth, and drill a tiny hole in it. Wear it on my neck. I become your God.") I mean, it's nice to see them separately and together melting down, and nice to see her actively laying wasp eggs in people's brains, and I must admit I thought for just one second that he might split. But no. He just sort of hates himself and pulls around so they can load up, just like Crack Mommy wants.

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