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The Prime of Miss Nat Newman

Shane's phone calls Nancy's phone, and she asks poor naked child-molesting Uncle Andy to somehow deal with the cops while she ducks into the adjoining suite -- where Quenton is crouching behind the TV -- so she can take the call. Latrice joins her so she can bitch him out in greater detail ("You have ruined something beautiful, you dumb motherfucker!") before moving on to yell at Nancy. Nancy screams a near-indecipherable FUCK OFF and locks herself in the adjoining suite's bathroom, where Shane -- tied up in Cesar's backseat now, with Doug -- admits the fuckers got him.

Latrice banging on the door, in the suite adjoining, next to a room where her naked brother-in-law is talking to the cops, outside of which two Mexican gangsters have just kidnapped her son. It's the middle of an onion, the center of a maze. She always knows where the exits are, does Nancy, she never closes a door, and suddenly she's in the middle of just a thrillingly dense system of doors, closing all around her, each one manned by somebody she can't control. Not even by telling them she's in control. And her sons are on the other side of those doors. I'm sure she'll get out of it, she always does, but it's nice to wonder how. (Who's still in play? Silas, and that's it. Right?) And maybe then it's okay that just this once, still bleeding, Nancy can slide down to the floor in a dirty motel, back to the world, terrified and confused and about to pass out, and wait for the next thing to happen.

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